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I put down another plate of barbecued pork on the super long wooden table filled with all sorts of foods on earth (just kidding, but basically the table is overflowing with food).

The wide stretch of lush-filled land by the lake serves as picnic area for families on a weekend. This weekend is extra special since it's the traditional monthly get together of all families living here. It's safe to say that this look like a retiree's haven. Most of the settlers here were man and women, spending their last golden years in a peaceful and tranquil place such as this.

Once a month, their families living in the hearts of the city comes and visits them so it had became a traditions since then to hold a barbecue party by the lake. It's like a big family reunion for everyone. The atmosphere is full of warmth and familiarity.

Thinking my parents had live herein this warm environment, it lessen the heavy feeling I felt.

The long table where we're at has about four families in it. It 's under the shade of over a century old cypress tree. It's gigantic shade spreads a long way and the breeze is truly remarkable. This past few days, it's like "met the whole neighborhood day". Mom took me to every single household there is. I met all the uncles and auntie down to the very last pet turtle in this neighborhood.I swear I've felt my stomach will almost burst from all the dessert they've lovingly shoved to me.

I met Uncle Tom and Tim, aged 98. Twin brothers who fought together at the war. Both are funny, witty and a little naughty. They usually play tricks on who's who between the two. They looks so identical I can't even tell them apart. Today, they vested in their veteran uniforms , recounting their war days to everyone and anyone , who still has the patience to listen to their stories retold for countless of times. And right now, Phun got that covered.

The old twins sat beside Phun and Pa. The four of them sat on a old crate box, facing the lake, armed with fishing rods. They have their back on us but I could tell Phun's laughing his ass off at some jokes. The way his shoulder bounce up and down. There laughter reaches to us even if it's quite a distance.

I smiled my way back to the grill.  I need to get serious on my grilling, I have plenty of mouths to feed. I had voluntarily taken this job and as of today I'm the official handsome grill master.


Why do these smoke seem to love me a little too much? All i could see are white fumes, am i in heaven??or have i started a fire. I cough desperately while rubbing my eyes..the smokes stings causing my tears to spill.

"Here, let me help", a hand took the fan I was using for fanning the ember. Phun sets a medium pail by the ground and proceeded to working on the fiery charcoal. I took a step backward and let this man take control. I caught a glimpse and saw the pail filled with freshly caught fishes. I say about four or five.

Phun turns around and wipe the tears with a hanky. "Does it still hurt?". I shook my head and smiled.

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