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>this will remain as one of my favorite song matter how sad it is :(


"Here"..a packed lunch appear before my eyes. I looked up and saw Yoru standing holding two lunch packages at hand.

"Thanks". I smile at him while taking the box.

"You work too hard, you almost forget about lunch", he smirk as he settle down beside a coconut.

"I'm used to it", I answered and  sat next to him. I took the bottle of water he pass.

"Don't get used to it. You're a doctor, you should know how important your health is. No matter how busy you should never skip a meal", he said sternly. I was taken aback by how serious face is. His furrowing his brows as if he means business.

"Ok..MOM", I answer as I shake my head in amusement. He scoffs and continued with his lunch in silence avoiding my eyes.


"Ouchh!!!", I turn to look as someone cried in pain. I saw Yoru holing out his hands with a scrunched face.

I drop my things and went to him right away. "What happened?".

"N-Nothing..Just a small puncture", he carelessly says trying to hide his hands.

"let me see".I grab his hands and examined the injured hands. A tiny hole on his right palm just below his thumb has now appeared. "It's a punctured wound from a nail. Not that deep but we need to sterilize it..just to be sure".

"It's really nothing", he objected.

"It's not for you to say..I'm the doctor here", I firmly say as I dragged him to where we left our bags.. I pull him over to the seat beside.

"Ouchh", he flinches when I put pressure on the wound to squirt the blood out.

"Such a baby..", I smirk. "Go wash it in running water, then come back here",I ordered him while I scour my bag to look for my first aid kit.

"It's really just a small wound...nothing serious", he tried to reason while he make his way to the nearby faucet.

"Wash it with a mild soap..and stop whining".

"You are too cautious", he sneered. I gave him a clean towel and examined his palm.

"It's called occupational habit. The severity of the wound doesn't come from its size". I took a pair of clean tweezers to remove any dirt or debris, just in case. Thankfully, there's none. I pulled out a clean swab. Squirt an amount antibiotic ointment, spread a thin layer over the wound and put a self-adhesive bandage.

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