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>most difficult chapter to write so far. RIP to my earphone that i'd accidentally snapped and my poor little Pooh that i have pinched, smothered and squeezed along the way...😁


Noh grasp for more air. He moaned softly and that was music to Phun's ears. Noh's warm and soft mouth takes Phun deeper into him, letting the other man taste all of it's sweetness. Noh had his waist imprisoned in Phun's arms. Both of Phun's hands are clasped firmly in his back securing him in his embrace. Noh's hands traveled to his nape and gently put pressure on it, driving the other man insane.

How did they ended up here in the bedroom from the kitchen, Phun didn't know. Noh paused at their hot kisses and stared right at Phun. His swollen glistening lips and drunken gaze is a lovely sight to behold. It only makes the other want to devour him again.

Phun is in heat now. His eyes studied this lovely man in his arms. How his lips slightly parted as he release his short breaths. The red rosy lips and that pinkish tongue that licks it seductively. Noh smiles as he bit his lower lips.

Phun groaned inwardly trying to control his heat that is seeping all over him. This man is clearly teasing him. This man wants to be eaten alive.

Phun was at the brink of losing his self-control. He love seeing his reflection in Noh's eyes. That Chinese looking black orbs that could send him to another world just from the mere look at it. He loves the way Noh looks at him. It makes him feel like he own the world.

Phun took a step forward making Noh take a step backward. He gently give him a peck on the left cheek. Another step forward from Phun, a step backward for Noh..a peck on a right cheek. One step..kiss on the forehead..One step..kiss on the tip of the step on his philtrum...One more step and Noh halted.

He felt the edge of the bed behind him He smirked when he realized where they are right now. Phun release him from his arms and stared at him more. The rosy hue sprinkled his face now and that hunger in his eyes, Phun knew Noh wants him the way he want him.

"Are you sure?", Phun managed to speak , his voice quivered as he tried to control his desire. He wanted..needed Noh so bad right now. But he's considering his love's physical condition.

Noh just got home yesterday. Phun knew how exhausting the flight was. Not to mention, he had to take care of him being sick and all. Phun's heart filled with so much joy, now that he knew last night was not a dream.

Noh smiled dearly at the conflicted man in front of him. Phun's gentleness is truly out of this world. He knew by how the way Phun looks at him now, the way his sultry voice rolled in his throat. He knew... the desire written all over his body language and yet...he still had to ask. It's one of Phun's qualities that makes Noh love him more.

Both of them are still standing by the edge of the bed. Their faces..inches away and the thick atmosphere is strongly felt.

Noh chuckled and a hearty laugh echoed through the room. Phun smiled.. hearing his beloved's voice once again makes his heart swells in happiness.

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