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If I've counted all the steps I've made pacing around the room, I could have already circled the Great Wall of China back and forth. This waiting game is giving me the heebie-jeebies . I had launched a staring contest a hundred times at the big round clock mounted at the wall.

"He's been gone for a while now", I muttered to myself ,slumping my ass back to the soft cushion seat back on Phun's room, looking at the closed adjacent wooden door yet again.

I have arranged, rearranged, disarranged and rearrange anything my hands could grasp just to entertain myself and not think about what's happening down below.

We arrived at the mansion this afternoon, after our little vacation at Baeng Saen. While sitting in our car, waiting for the steel iron gate of the Phumipat's mansion to opened for us, Phun let out a loud sigh and turned to me.

"I'm ready Noh", Phun smiled as those words escaped his lips.

I was taken aback but nevertheless I smiled back at him. It fells like ages ago,but now I was able to witness the fullness of Phun's smile. It's finally written all over his eyes. He is ready... to let go and to finally heal. The pain will cease and I felt like he was free at last.

I grabbed his hand and give him a squeeze. No words need to say, our eyes are able to say it all.

I had waited and prayed for this moment for his family.This is all I ever wish for my Phun. To see him smile that way again. I want to see his heart fully restored. And fill it with all of my love till every ugly the scars would disappear. I want to give back everything Phun had lost in those years we are apart.

That one thing he held precious in his heart..

 And that is his family.

I gave him my warmest smile as I send him out the door to met his Dad at his office down below. In as much as I want to be there to support him, I knew this time, Phun has to face it my himself.

And it had been more than hour now since that door had closed. And here i am waiting for him.

The wooden door slowly opened and I  stood up in an instance. Phun was startled for a while upon seeing me. I was rendered speechless by that red puffy eyes that was still fresh from crying. But I was even moved by that twinkle in those eyes and that lovely smile he wears. Even with his face wet in tears, it was glowing. I could almost see a white lining emitting from his entire body.

I closed the remaining distance between us, and sweep him in my arms. I didn't know how nervous i was but now I felt the familiar arms circled my back, enclosing me in its warmth, i felt so relieved.  I was already in tears.

Time stood still as we held each other. Peace and serenity reigns in silence and I just basked myself in all its beauty.

"Thank you", Phun's smile blinded me as we temporarily let go of my arms. Taking my hands and held it tightly and slowly brought it back to his lips. The tenderness in his eyes and the softness of his lips melted my heart and made a puddle out of it.

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