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We finally got to spend dinner at Auntie Shine and Uncle Matt's and thank these lovely couple for their help. It's our fourth day together, less the time I got sick.

"I'm so happy for you Phun.", Auntie Shine hugged me real tight with tears in her eyes. I didn't get to tell her everything but somehow she knows. I looked at her and found her genuine smile. "Now, be happy child...Be happy", she softly whispers patting my back.

I hugged her back, fighting to urge to wallow in tears. I looked over and found Uncle Matt and Noh smiling at us. I smiled back. . I thank God for letting me met wonderful people like them. It makes the world a beautiful place to live.

If only my parents could be like them. I'd be the happiest ever.

"C'mon you two boys. Get here and give us a hug", Auntie Shine called them over. It was warm and good. Yah!!! Feels like family...

"Now, you too. Take care of each other okay?!?", Auntie Shine beamed happily, places her hands on both of us. Like a loving mother, she took my hand and put in top of Noh, meshing it together. " Not everyone's given a second chance. Treasure it".

I nodded..both of us did. I know what a great miracle this is. I must have save an entire planet or the whole solar system in my previous to be given such favor from heaven. And I will not waste it, not a single moment. I looked at the man whose beside me, whose warm hands I'm holding, I felt the rush of warm happiness crawled down to very core of  my soul, fully taking over of everything that is cold. Coldness that has accompanied me all these years. And our memories that has been my only source of warm has now fully enveloped me.

"I promise you Auntie, I will take good care of my wife", I smiled widely at her. "Oucch...", I flinched as an elbow thrust on my stomach. Noh glares at me murderously with his reddened face. My hearts glows at this beautiful contradiction. I massaged my abused body and showed a peace sign to this angry embarrassed man.

"'re be husband... I'm the wife...whichever way you want it, babe.", I smiled cheekily at him, placing my chin right to his shoulder. I saw a smile draw in his face before masking it again with a stoic one.

I laughed inwardly. I rested my chin right to his shoulder and look at his close profile. I could clearly see the smoothness of his face and tiniest pores... the long lashes..the line along his nose and those lips..

"What are you doing?!!", he asked in a hushed stern voice.

"Looking at my husband", I replied at him. " A loving wife should only have her eyes set on his handsome husband", I added.

I saw how blood came rushing to his face, painting it in a beautiful red scheme.

"Stop it", Noh wriggles his shoulders trying to get me off. He tries to get his hands off that I've encapsulated securely in my hands. "Let go of me", he whispers angrily.

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