CHAPTER 60: khit theung mak mak na

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.i'm not Thai, so feel free to correct the title 😊


I watched as the dark sky slowly crawled into the world. The warm glow of the night lamp on my side of bed remains the lonely bearer of light that illuminates the place. Amidst the silence of the sleeping world I find myself unable to sleep.

The fact is...I'm actually tired. These past few days, I haven't had a decent sleep. Since coming back to Bangkok then coming here. My body clock is having a hard time adjusting to the present state. I spent the whole night watching Phun sleep. 

Damn, he looks so pale. Those dark circles were evident underneath his eyes and he look thinner.His hair had grown longer too.It almost covers his eyes.

I don't think he's aware that I am here. I have to dragged him up to sit by the bed. He needs to have something on his stomach so I could give him the medicine Uncle Matt left for him. Good thing, he's a good patient too. He did manage to take  a few teaspoons even with eyes closed.

Phun's temperature rises in the middle of the night, causing him to chill. I held him closer and let him lay on my arms. His burning like hell. 

This is not what I have in mind when I came here to see Phun. I can't help but feel guilty for the years I wasn't there for him. How many times had he'd been sick and was all alone.He wasn't home for more than a decade. My Phun was all alone and no one's taking care of him.

Phun, grew up being taken care of. He was a young master. All his life, he always had someone with him. Though his parents specially his Dad might be busy but Auntie Noi and Pang were always there .

"Noh", I heard his hoarse voice calling out my name, pulling me back from my thoughts.  It was weak but I've heard it loud and clear.  I glanced down see if he is awake, he was not. Instead, I saw a pair of tears escaped from the sides of his closed eyes. It slowly traveled through his face, down to his chain till finally lands of the soft sheet.

He was dreaming...

And he is crying...

He is crying in his sleep..

I have to exhale loudly to free the heaviness that is filling me up . Seeing him like this, shreds my heart in pieces. I wipe Phun's tears as I'm controlling my own from falling. I pulled him closer, resting my chin on his head, his head on my chest. Hoping he could my heartbeat

"I'm here need to cry..."


Getting myself out of the bed, I glanced at the sleeping man beside me. I smiled, he looks better now and he seems to be in a deep ,deep sleep. I tiptoed out of the room after a quick bath and went down to the kitchen. I'm hungry. I'm pretty sure, Phun is too when he wakes up. He only had soup last night.

I furrowed by brows at his almost empty fridge. This man's clearly been neglecting himself. Good thing , there's some leftover fruit by the tray.

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