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(Please do enjoy FIREWALKING by idol producer..Love this song..Nongnong, Lin Yanjun)


I was amazed by how quickly we've accomplished our task. We decided help in the repainting of the repaired equipment.The newly painted tables and chairs just needed to dry out then we could arrange it back to the classrooms. The ceilings and walls are mostly finished. The group assigned doing the murals did a very good job. The paintings of flowers, trees, and butterflies brightened up the once old and boring rooms. I'm sure the children will love their new classrooms.

"Excuse me, Dr.Phun", a soft voice spoke gently. Settling myself on a fallen tree trunk, I watch the afternoon scenery in front of me.  I turn to look at this pretty girl smiling in front of me.. Long dark silky straight hair adorned her heart-shaped face. She had a very lovely smile I must say.. She wore a white off-shoulder cotton blouse and a cuffed denim high waist short. It surely suits her. She is quite familiar, one of the volunteers maybe???

"My name is Malee. I made these for you. Please accept it", her voice shakes a little. Both her hands held tightly a little basket adorned with a little red hanky tied into a bow

I was taken by surprise by her arrival since I was lost in my thoughts a while ago. I wasn't aware when she came over? Having this pretty girl in front of me, any man will truly be elated. I don't usually receive gifts from given by random people, girls or guys. I usually just decline them as politely as possible. But I could hear giggles from a good distance behind us. 

Needless to say, looks like we got ourselves our own audience. I don't think I'll have the heart to make her lose her face in front of her friends. I can already tell how nervous she is, I can see how her hand trembles lightly while holding the basket. She kept biting her lower lip as she kept her eyes downcast

"Thanks, Nong", I gave her a smile as I reluctantly took the present from her. I heard her heaved a sigh of relief and a lovely smile displayed on her face again.

"Uhmm...Enjoy it. Bye-bye", she smiled widely, shyly waving her hands. I watched her go back to her group of friends. Yah... I did hear soft giggles a while ago.

I looked at the cute little basket on my hand and pull off the light pink hanky that delicately covers it. A fresh aroma of homemade cookies filled my senses. It was cutely designed into hearts. The owner took special care in designing it.


"For you!!", Noh harshly throws a small package on the table, he drops his back on the table and sat opposite me. We were at my faculty's canteen since we've already decided to have our lunch here. I am very excited. Noh usually hates showing public affection, so now that he deliberately visits me here and even take our lunch together makes me so happy.

The food here tastes a lot better with my Noh here. I already ordered for both of us since he called me that he' s on his way. I'm just so happy seeing my boyfriend that I failed to notice his rather grumpy attitude.

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