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It's a little over six a.m and the golden rays of the morning sun are playing a little peek-a boo game against the closed curtains. Buried under the thick duvet, other than the sound of the A.C, everything else is quiet and serene.

I propped my head out from my little cocoon, stretching my arms to my side.... Up and down..feeling the space beside me. The cold sheet tells me of no human warmth had laid there.

I sigh as I remember, for the last seven days, I had been sleeping all alone. I groaned as I reached for the soft unused pillow beside me and wrapped it tightly in my embrace. Burying my face into its softness, searching for the scent it's owner had left behind...

I miss my Noh...

Noh went back to Khom Phayam.. to visit his Dad and Nong Love, check  their resort and to attend the yearly aqua-convention (that is the main thing) which he has been attending religiously for the last eight years. It's the second year that the island been set as the venue. Uncle and the rest of the island people had long been involved in the said convention which is set to bring awareness  on how to preserve the marine life of our country. During this event, experts exchange valuable latest information on the effects of global warming and the wide spread pollution affecting the world   and discuss ways to mitigate it as much as possible.

The people at Khom Phayam had prided themselves for keeping the island untouched and they vowed to safeguard the island's beauty.

It is a very  important event and I knew how much it means to Noh. He may not have gotten his dream job but being a marine biologist, comes natural for him. It's like he was born to be with the waters. I saw how his eyes shine and how his voice would ring with pride every time he talks about those wonderful sea creatures he comes across in his dives. 

And so, for this reason that here  i am spending my waking days alone, hugging his pillow. I can't be a hindrance to what my Noh loves to do.


A few days ago...

"How about I go with you, I want to see Uncle and Nong Love again?", I was sitting at the edge of the bed, watching Noh put some clothes in his black backpack. He had received a call from Night the other day, reminding  him of the said event.

Since , they will be the main hosts for this year, needless to say, Noh's presence is of great importance. It's a  seven-day convention but Noh had to be there earlier to help prepare for everything...

Noh just looked at me with an amused smile and just proceeded on his task on hand. Actually watching him pack his back is very uneasy. As each little item enters into his package , I felt my heart grow heavier and heavier.

 I understand why he needed to do this.. but my heart is acting reversely. All I know is that I don't want to see him go.

"Here.. let me take this poor thing", Noh rescues the little rectangular alarm clock from my hands. I haven't realized I've been fiddling with its buttons over and over. "A minute more or you might have already kill the time", Noh laughed at his  own lame joke.

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