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It turns out that Om won't let go of the scare incident that easily. Noh and Phun were forced to stay till weekend. That is, they were Om's servant for his restaurant for the last three days. Om would lovingly say that he still haven't recovered from his "almost heart attack" (even after all the explaining, he still insist that he was the victim of a malicious connivance of the three) so he successfully manipulated the two into becoming his two newly hired temporary workers.

Well, Phun and Noh don't really mind it although Nong Mick does. He insisted that they are their guests and they are on vacation. The poor kid would repeatedly asked forgiveness every time Om's booming voice boss them around. He'll cutely glare at Om every single time, but Om will just give him a wide smile.

"They don't mind it", he'll say this shamelessly over and over again.

It is indeed, a double win for Om. First, he gets his payback and second, we'll these two attracts a whole set of costumers for his restaurant. The place is undoubtedly busier than ever. Adding these two on the menu sure is a great business  strategy. Om is starting to believe that Noh really is handsome. Never mind Phun, it was already a known fact since high school. That guy had and will always be a hot merchandise.

For Phun and Noh, this situation ain't that bad at all. They get to enjoy early morning walks by the beach, serve Master Om and gets to eats delicious meal all day long. Though at times, Phun had to nudge Noh whenever this oblivious Chinese guy smiles too sweetly for Phun's own sanity. And Noh would have to rescue Phun whenever he gets caught in a crowd of gawking ladies to which Noh can't fathom how these demure ladies could do that. The place is spacious for heaven's sake. These ladies are really talented. Phun would laugh heartily, letting himself be drag, loving the tight grip of Noh's hand upon his wrist. Jealous Noh is always the cutest in Phun's eyes.

Night time, they get to chill out and just talk and talk for hours. Noh got a lot of catching up to do. His internal data has to be updated on the latest happenings on everyone's life. Beside, twelve years is such a long time.


Om places a huge signboard at the front door of the restaurant.

"We're closing today?", Phun asked as both he and Noh has just arrived from their morning walk.

"Yeah, I'm treating you two for a day off.", he places both hands on his waist, smiling widely at the two. "Am I not such a great boss??".

Noh's feet automatically lift and kicks the other guy's shin. Om's yelp echoed along the place.

"Great boss, my ass", Noh refutes looking please at Om's scowling face. Om's tries to avenge but luckily dodge the counterattack. As a result two big idiots chase each other around. Phun laughs out heartily at the two comic duo.

"P' Om's cooking something special today", Nong Mick joyfully joins the ruckus.

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