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Ok, I admit, I have been an annoying jerk lately but what can I do? I am fucking jealous you know and this wonderful boyfriend isn't even aware of that.

Knowing my Noh, even after being together for more than two years, he still is uncomfortable with us in public. He always wore that displeased look on that beautifully -outlined face whenever I suddenly popped out in his faculty. It hurts me but I tried to understand him as much as I could...but, of course, there are times that I DON"T.

Am I such an embarrassment to him?

Doesn't he love me anymore?

I can't help it, I should trust him. But sometimes my confidence just plummets down the gutter.

I know I' m still a good catch, am I not? Girls still try to get my attention even when I when I turn them down and tell them that I'm already taken.

I know school is keeping us busy but still, we could at least make the best out of the little time we have left. To think us being together for more than two years will make me feel satisfied and contented, HELL NO... cause the truth is I could never get enough of him. I could never get enough of his kiss, his touch, his warmth. I needed him more each day.

Is this addiction? Maybe it is. He is a happy addiction. The more I see him, the more I miss him. The more I kissed him, the more I wanted to be with him. Damn, even his curses seem music to my ears. It's his own unique way of showing his love. If I could only tie him up, keep him in my pocket I would have done it.

Ok, ok I'm nagging out here, I know. The thing is I wanted us to take our lunch together. Since we don't get to stay on the same dorm, and my classes always start very early and most of the time ends late at night, that's the only time we could only meet. I told him about this nicely but I was flabbergasted when this bastard says no. What the hell?

"Are you hiding something from me?" I asked him with that questioning look in my eye. I stared right through those round dark orbs trying to pry for any hidden agenda.

"What! No", he clearly denied shifting his gaze away from me. He walks towards the study table and begins arranging his sheets. His back faces me as he pretends to get busy.

"Then why can't we have lunch together?" I asked him again. "It's not like we're only doing now?"

"Your faculty's too far away". He casually answers me without even turning his back.

"SO???" I do not get what he's trying to imply. My faculty has always been a little far ever since the very beginning but why is he using it now to make his point.

"You only have at least an hour for lunch break. It would be very inconvenient for you to come to our faculty", he turns to me as he lengthy explains.

"I have a car". I reminded him arching my brow.

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