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( found this beautiful phunnoh vid. I don't understand the song but it has eng subs. credits to the creator ^_^'


Phun's ranting on the LINE again. He repeatedly complains of how we do not get to see each other anymore. His whining like a child again.

"I miss you Noh", there he goes again with that crying sticker on.

"We haven't seen you since last Monday"

"I getting sick if I can't see you"

"I miss my baby"

"Do you miss me?"

"Why aren't you replying? Don't you miss me"

Sad emoticons

Crying emoticons

Hysterically crying emoticons

Heartbreaking emoticons

"What the hell, Phun" I silently cursed to myself.

"How can I reply to you when you keep flooding me with messages.*Angry stickers*

"you're mad? *sad stickers*


"You are"

"I said I'm not".


"ARghhhhhhh. How did he become this babyish?", I gritted my teeth at this moron I'm chatting with. Where did that super cool student council secretary that I've known?"

The truth is... I terribly missed him too. Ever since we started in our third year, we've been extremely very busy especially for a med student like Phun. But I'm not gonna tell him that. No way!!! That guy's head will surely inflate to a 100th degree.

Even though we've been together for almost three years now, I still feel shy every time his being like this. Phun had always been the aggressive one, always the one to take the first step. He seems to never really have a problem in showing his feeling towards me... deep in my heart I envy his courage and wish that someday I can be like him.

"You're done with your exams?". I decided to change the subject.


"I ran into P' Jean this morning. He's practically lamenting on your next week's lab quizzes?"

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