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That is how they look. Two bodies held each other in an embrace like a puzzle that perfectly each other soundly sleeping.. a look of contentment evident in their faces. The warm glow of happiness stays plastered though with eyes closed. Both sleep deeply blanketed by each other's warmth.. The sun had fully risen and will soon had to set. Time had ticked away. But inside this four-walled room, two souls lay beside each other, time stood still, unaware of the outside world..

so calm...

so quiet...

so serene..

Must be the long journey Noh had taken. The sated man laid peacefully with his head resting against Phun's chest. His deep even breathing are like answers to the man's every heartbeat. His body wrapped securely within by two warm familiar arms. One hand on his head, one hand placed gently right above his waist. It had been a long long since he felt this way. And it felt good.

The body that had been gone from a long journey had finally found its dwelling. And now safely snuggled in its home..right by Phun's side.

The same goes to Phun. A smile that had not graced that handsome face for years had finally emerged on his face as he sleeps. Years of suffering wiped out instantly in just merely a day. The heart could finally breath. Breathe freely. Its owner had finally came home. The tiring days and long nights alone finally gone. The heart that had endured through all the pain. The heart that had keep the love despite all the pain in brought...that grieved silently and had waited...waited..till the next lifetime..Yet the heart that knows nothing of time... the heart that kept his love.. had finally received heaven's favor.

So the arms wrapped tightly around this most precious gift, given back to him. Heaven must need to paint this scene..for this is purely perfect. Two souls reunited at last.


Noh stirs on his sleep. His head's resting on a soft beating pillow and the warmth in gives is simply relaxing. He slowly opened his eyes and it met the white soft fabric of the comforter. He lifted his gazed up and a smile crept through that smooth face.

Phun was by his side, lovingly gazing down at him. He smiled. Noh smiled. And everything else around them disappears from their minds.

"sleep well?", Phun asked, his hands touching the smooth jaw line of Noh's face. Noh nodded, smiled at the tenderness of Phun's touch.

Noh's stomach made a rumbling sound. Noh pouted, Phun smiled. As always, the stomach had to ruin the mood.

"I'd already ordered our dinner. Hope you don't mind a take-out", Phun asks sweetly. Noh's eyes automatically travels through the glass door but can't really tell since all the curtains had been properly closed. The little rectangular digital clock by the bedside says its past seven.

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