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I came back to find Phun by the terrace still on his phone. I placed the package by the table and walked towards him. I heard him chuckled and this made me quite intrigued.

I moved stealthily (why?i don't know) and settled on one of the white steel chairs just beside the coffee table. I couldn't clearly hear the other line but judging by Phun's all smiling face, he or she might be someone close. I hate the sour taste I feel in my chest. It's unreasonable but I felt the urge to punch someone right now.

So, I reached out for the magazine and flipped it over the page. It's crazy but I can't really what's this magazine all about.

"Thank you..I owe you one..", I heard Phun clearly cause really all this time I've just flipping these pages absentmindedly.

 I heard him pull out the opposite chair and  put his phone on the table.

"What are you reading?", I heard him ask casually.

"Magazine", I replied curtly, not giving him a single glance.


I raised my brow, looked over to him and saw him just plainly smiling. You idiot, is that call such an important matter that you are still stupidly smiling? I fumed mentally.

I can't exactly understand myself , but i'm pissed...really pissed. I deeply sighed and  tried to focus on what I've been "reading".

"So what is it exactly?". He asked after a while.

I put the magazine angrily in front of him so he can clearly see the cover. "Can't you read?!?!", I asked sarcastically before putting it down, only to be greeted by that face that's trying its hardest to hide that smile.

He propped both arms on the table and let his chin rest on the back of his clasped hands. That smile on his face and that warm look in his eyes had calmed the raging emotions that threatening to outburst, but it's making my heart beats frantically. I averted my eyes since his gaze is starting to burn me.

"I haven't learned how to read upside down", he said.

I look at the magazine in horror. True enough, it was upside down. Argghhhhhhhhhhh..Earth swallow me now.

I wouldn't know where to place my burning face right now. But i will never be defeated...i won't succumb to this man's teasing.

"I was looking at the pictures and wondered how it looks like upside down", I cursed inwardly as I said those words. What a lame excuse, Noh...really?!?!?

"Hmmm...", Phun just nodded, clearly not believing me. His eyes settled once again on the magazine and he smiled even more.

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