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After all the kids and seniors went home to sleep, the real party begins. Just kidding..Looking around much of the seats where now taken by people within our generation. Now comes the booze and some chatters. Believe me, when the seniors are here, we need to watch our mouths, much more avoid corrupting young minds so alcohol was out.

We're having an open mic tonight, that is whoever wants to be on stage can be on it. We don't really care is you Sing, dance, play guitar, stand-up comedy, magic. If you have it...flaunt it. It is a very easy going atmosphere. Much of the attendees here are our close friends. I mean hey this is a little island so apparently we know everyone.

And I did invited Malee. Though Dr. Phun had already told me that thing about Malee, I still feel that his depriving himself of a chance. You know a chance to be happy. And not just sits alone, looking blankly on the horizon (which I often see him do).

I really think him and Malee could be a great pair. Romance can spark anytime. It just need some right opportunities. And i will create that. I believe if they get a chance to talk and be with each other in a perfect romantic setting, then it could be the start of something new.

Remembering how he look when he smiled and laughed at me, I knew I wanted to see that same happiness reflected in his eyes. I wanted it to stay in his eyes.


Why is this uncomfortable feeling in my heart? They fucking look good together just sitting beside each other. When Malee wrapped her delicate hands to Dr. Phun arms, why does it feel heavy to me?Strange..Really strange..

They are talking. Malee has that alluring smile plastered on that beautiful face. She's leaning her body towards him. I can't see his eyes. I can only see his side profile from where I'm at. It is abit darker here so I know they won't see me.Is he smiling to her? Is he enjoying their little chat? He holds Malee's hand that was wrapped on his arms... He's holding her hand.. Ohhhh I can't look...

"Yoru , your stage now", a goofy friend of mine just came down from the stage. "Don't make them cry with your lousy performance, I just made them laugh", he jokingly patted my shoulder. "if they throw some rotten tomatoes on you...."

"we'll have tomato juice then", I laughed as I waved him off. I took my guitar and went on stage.

SCREEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ha ha ha Sorry guys.. The amplifiers tuned up full volume so that annoying ear piercing sound must have injured some eardrums...Sorry..I tried to smile my way out of this awkward situation.

"Way to get our full attention asshole!!!", Night shouted from his table with that devilish smile.

I shake my head and ignored him. I adjusted my seat and begin to play my first song, an all time favorite every time we're on a gig, Welcome to my Paradise . I like its reggae vibe and it's perfect for island Caribbean-like atmosphere. It always sets the mood.The audience where singing along and clapping their hands to the music. I finished the song when an audience asking for more. I'm glad they like it.

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