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Did I do something wrong?

I helplessly watched as Dr. Phun walked into the door in haste and disappears within my sight.

What exactly happened? Is he mad? But I took my medicine though I protested at first but I still took it. I honestly think he's overreacting..I mean it's just a tiny wound...(it's not like it's my first time being injured). Sometimes during diving, I get cuts here and there from sharp corals or sometimes step on spiky shells and pointed rocks.

Though its kind of nice that he is concerned about me. Well, he said its occupational habit to be cautious but it still felt good when he shows worries about me. I really don't mind wearing this frozen bandage in my palm. I smiled to myself.

Just when I thought everything going smooth, I mess it up. I heaved a deep sigh as I look upon this delicious cream puffs I purposely bought for him to taste. Hell, I was running through the market to get in line just to purchase this. It's quite a popular pastry in Ranong since it opened about 4 or 5 years ago. Since then, every time I'm in Ranong I always make sure to buy a box or two.

Was it the cream puffs? I noticed how his face changed when I offered it to him. Could it be that he doesn't like it? How could I be so insensitive??? I utterly assume he'll like it. Maybe he has an allergy..wait there even an allergy on cream puffs??*Pfft* whatever...I should have bought other things like brownies, cakes, butterscotch or durian chips, perhaps.

I heaved a deep sigh as I put the boxes down. Somehow, I've lost my appetite. Such a waste, I especially ordered the two boxes with all of the different fillings on it. What was I thinking?

I took the paper bag and put the boxes back in.Well if there's someone who will be willing to devour these, it should be Night. That man can eat anything... I checked on my watch, half past eight. I'm sure Night's still awake now so I got on my feet and I traversed the road to Night's house, which is on the other side.




I was slump on the floor working on the resort's monthly report when I heard a knock (loud knocking) on my door. I looked at the wall clock hanging on the wall, I just hope it's not another guest invite (I get those a lot).

I get on my feet leaving the folders and papers scattered. Apparently, this uninvited guest getting impatient by the minute.

Yoru's downturned face greeted me as I open the door. He directly walked past by me. He unceremoniously put a large paper bag on the table on top of all my documents before dropping himself on the only couch. He placed both hands clasped at the back of his head, legs stretch out for miles crossed at the ankles, his face as solemn as ever. His mind seemed to have drifted somewhere. I silently followed him from behind and slump back cross-legged to where I was sitting before.

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