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I stirred from my  sleep feeling the warm rays of the morning sun hit my face. I adjusted my body and laid flat on my back. I'm awake now but I refuse to open my eyes. I kept them close while stretching my limbs, yawning at the same time. 

I had a wonderful sleep.

I turned to the side and stretched my arm out lazily.  I move my hands up and down till it rested on something soft and fluffy . I smiled bringing my body closer . Buried my face into it, I take in a familiar scent.


 "Can I stay in this world instead?

 Last nights' dream was a very wonderful one. And I wanted to stay there..for good..

I sigh after a few minutes since my eyes refuses to shut again. I finally  give up and lazily open my eyes. The  side of the bed occupied by my ever loyal pillow bear witness to what is truly my reality. Placing one  arm under my head, another one wraps on my pillow,  I spend a moment more, admiring the view on this side of this fully lighted room.

The sun had  risen and had showered  the world with its light. The drapes have been pulled at the sides exposing a great wonderful morning. One of the glass doors was opened bringing in some breeze from the outside trees.

I pulled my body up in a sitting position, letting the soft white blanket fall on my lap. The silence is deafening. I let my gaze travel around the room. An empty tray lays on the table by the other side of my bed. There's a half empty pitcher of water, an empty glass, a empty bowl and a pack of medicine.

I grab a pillow again  and lay it on my chest, hugging it both my hands.

The medicine Uncle Matt gave me must be strong. I was sure I hallucinated.

I swear someone laid by my side last night. Someone hugged me to sleep. Someone woke me up to eat something. The smell of noodles penetrated through my senses. I half- consciously opened my mouth. I remember I complained the soup being too hot. I heard a chuckle and someone blowing on it. I felt a spoon placed there my mouth. Try it now. I open my mouth again and this time it was not as hot. I swallowed the food with eyes closed. I took the medicine placed on my mouth, drank the water and went back to sleep.

I remember a pair of warm arms envelop into a tight embrace. I was cold and that  pair of arms offered comfortable warmth.

"I'm here Phun. I'm here love"

Those words comforted me, and I rested my head under someone's chest under warm breaths. And I fallen asleep. Deep sleep.

It was a dream.

A beautiful dream.

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