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He is a mystery.

The first time I laid my eyes on this young doctor, that's the first word that pops out of my mind. When my little chatter sister who goes by the name of Nong Love introduces him to me. I was intrigued. why?? I don't know it's just that he has that....the saddest eyes I've ever saw.

I always thought of myself as a people person. I mean, it's easy for me to meet and be friends when almost anybody. In short I'm too damn irresistible.( Ha ha ha just kidding)

But with him..this young doctor's like there's a wall. An invisible wall he puts all around him. And though he never reaches his eyes..

We'll I don't's like...I'm like do I fucking say this?? Okay, part of me wants to know him more...I mean..why is he like that? He's too silent..he converse with us..listen to dad's stories, say his point of views on certain things but..but..somehow..i feel like it's not the real him.. URGGGHHHHHHHHHH..Do I ever make sense guys??

But the biggest question is : Why the hell do I even care??(Seriously, I don't get it??)

What do I know about this guy?

Well, when Dad said we will be having guests, it's the normal thing. We owned a resort so naturally having guests is a common thing. But when Dad says, they actually doctors who will be having a medical mission, I knew they were more like friends than just mere guests. I was ecstatic; we lived in a rather small and simple island so for this people to come and lend a hand is truly something to be grateful of . Life here on the island is so different from the city. I mean it's really great that they've chosen our little island for this mission and to even renovate our primary school here is  pretty awesome.

So while we're planning for their accommodations, I was so eager to share my home to one of them. How I wish I could let them all stay at my little kingdom but sad to say, it's more of a bachelor pad/cottage, we might end up like sardines on a tin can. He he he. I even volunteered to oversee the renovation project (little thing I could do to help)

When I met him first time, standing by my  bubbly little sister Nong Love, I admit this man is something. Even from afar, he's someone who can easily draw attention to himself, other than a fact that Nong Love calling out my name. Tall, medium built, fair skin, that face..but most of all it's the aura he exudes. just standing there under the shade of the coconut tree...he is something .Men like us sure has huge egos and hates to admit when someone is more good looking than us.. but..this man..He is simply handsome..(wait??what??!!!did I just say that??.urggh!!!)

So I gave him my ultra million dollar smile..hehehe (girls loved it) But what do I get in return?? Well he looked at me like his seeing a ghost or a paranormal activity, like duhh?? And he never said a thing after that  up until we reached home. He. is .weird.

I would have love to ask him about his stay on my humble abode. I took pride in my little creation. It took me years to have it's complete look. And it would have been nice to ask some reviews on its first official guest. But..nahh...never mind.

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