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I lie wide-awake though it's already past two in the morning. I turn to look at the person sleeping peacefully beside me. His steadily breathing is evident that he is in sound sleep. I watched his chest rise and fall rhythmically as each breath he makes. I gazed at this handsome face that snuggles against my shoulder, his arm wrapped around my waist and his warm breath fans teasingly against my neck. Watching Phun sleep next to me is my piece of heaven.

Just a moment ago, we had an argument. Phun has been very busy since the start of the semester, which is kinda normal, and expected since we're already in our third year. He wants us to take our lunch together at my faculty every day. It is a simple request actually but I did not agree. I give all sorts of reason (lame reasons, to be honest) to which only triggered his suspicion and he is the type to probe. Damn, I hate it. This guy can see through me (should I be scared?). He seems to have perfected his psychic power on me and I always end up telling him the truth.

And did you just see that conceited smile? That stupid laugh...Arrrgghh....yup, he's happy alright. He is practically swimming on cloud nine. That's why I hate admitting being jealous...cause he fucking loves it. He'll rub it all in your face. So annoying but deep within me, it always warms my heart whenever he smiles and laughs like that (Am I crazy?) guess I am.

I' d like to think that I'm not the jealous type and Phun has always been a good boyfriend. But sometimes I do feel small. When I know he can have someone better than me. My insecurities would soar high up above whenever a pretty girl can openly show up her interest in my boyfriend. I mean who would not want that girl. Pretty, rich and intelligent, any parents would want their son to marry such kind. However, as always Phun has his way to drive away my fears. He had proven his love repeatedly. His kisses tell of every vow he made to me. Marking it on my skin so I could never ever forget.

"You are mine Noh... and I am yours alone...', his deep dark orbs stared into my very soul, drowning my fears with his love. I can see only me in those eyes. He claimed my lips and once again, he takes me to where our love lives. To a world, he and I made. "I will never leave you Noh", his words full of love. Then I'm at peace holding on the promise he made. I had faith in Phun.

Phun... .my once distant friend who completely changed my life in just a week. The student council secretary who is the epitome of every girl's perfect guy. Smart, handsome, rich and simply a good guy (bet this guy will love hearing this). But sometimes I forget all about this cause with me he is just an ordinary person. He loves to tease me; he has his moods, his cocky at times, possessive and sometimes he is a  plain spoiled brat. 


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