Me and Messy Brain (not an Update)

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Friday Night

Me: Ok, brain let's do this. Let wrap up this story

Brain: But i can't think of anything now....

Me: Oh C'mon, don't be like that..

Brain: I just don't have anything right now...can we do it tomorrow??

Me: Hmmm...😩Ok, let's just sleep. I'm tired anyway. let's watch kiss me again😁

Me: can't's late already😒

Brain: But we'll just watch the BL cut..😉

Heart: Yes..yes pete and Kao🤗

Me: Shut up heart..why are you siding with brain😒

Brain & Heart: Please..........................🤗🤗

Me:🙄 Ok

Eyes checks the time 2:05..

The three of you..sleep now..I'm tired..

Me, Brain and Heart: OKay 😊😊😊😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩


Me: So tired (slumps on my bed..face down)🛏😩

Brain: Wait don't sleep yet.. let's write😄

Me: You have something now?🤨

Brain: Yup, i had it while we're on the bus🚍😄

Me: (open laptop) okay Chapter 58🖨✏

Brain: Hehe..not chapter 58..chapter 1😁

Me: What??? but we're on chapter 58 now😤

Brain: It's a different story..🤪

Me: 🤨

Brain: Please..we need to get this off me first so i could continue on "Only with You"😁

Me: 🤔okay.... (types endlessly...........)

Brain: That's all for now"😁

Me: Title???🤨

Brain: ---------🤔

Heart: TRAP😁

Me & Brain : Okay🤔

Me: Publish?????🤔

Brain & Heart: PUBLISH 😁😁😁😁😁


Me: okay chapter 2 publish😁

Brain: Yey...🤗

Heart: Love by chance ep 2 & 3 are up..wanna watch??

Me & Brain: Yup!!!!!

Ears: the last song is from love sick

Heart: I know 😭😭😭i miss phun and noh

Me: Rewatch lovesick then???

Brain & heart: yay!!!!!!!


Brain: I have chapter 58 now😉

Me: No..we're on a meeting😑

(after a few hours)

Brain: let's write it now ☺

Me: 😒No..need to finish a report

(a few hours later)

Brain: Please....🙏🙏🙏

Me: 🙄But i wanna sleep early

Brain:😁 It's holiday tomorrow

Me: 😄hmmm...👍okay just let me get my coffee



Crazy right!!???

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