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Only With You by pinkmilkmonster
Only With Youby pinkmilkmonsterwants99roses
A life with Noh by his side, that's how Phun imagine his life would be. A clinic of his own, their very own restobar where Noh and his band could jam, a cozy house by th...
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3Moons' Gears and Omegas by WytCaptPeraya
3Moons' Gears and Omegasby WytCaptPeraya
The story revolves around the 3 generations of Engineering Moons and their mates. In a school primarily dominated by Alphas, how are they going to find and deal with the...
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Extras by JaeMi1
Extrasby Jae
Short stories and bonus bits to enjoy. Might be Lovesick, might be SOTUS, or might be something else. *fanfictions are based off series/novels that don't belong to me...
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TRAP by pinkmilkmonster
TRAPby pinkmilkmonsterwants99roses
another phunnoh fanfic..what the heck am i doing??? i should be finishing my other story but i ended up with another one instead.. all pictures/videos are not mine..main...
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LoveSick Capítulos Especiales by luishr14
LoveSick Capítulos Especialesby Luis H
Lovesick es la historia de dos chicos, Phun y Noh. Noh le pide a Phun que lo ayude con el presupuesto de su club de música, ya que ha habido un error y su club ha recibi...
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Lovesick The Series (MM Translation) by chahyejoon
Lovesick The Series (MM Cha Hye Joon
Lovesick the series (MM translation) Novel ​ေလးကို ဖတ္​ရင္​းနဲ႔ ႐ိုႏိုင္​ၾကပါ​ေစလို႔ PhunNoh ကိုလြမ္​းလို႔ Translate ပါသည္​ <3
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Lovesick the Series : The Declaration by user12749585
Lovesick the Series : The
The confusion of Noh, the confession of Phun and the desperation of Earn. Trust those who have been read The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Boys will be able to relate to...
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LOVE SICK: The Chaotic Lives Of Blue Shorts Guys by iamLovesick
LOVE SICK: The Chaotic Lives Of Yeo-Mi Shin
Summaries of the last five chapters + Complete Chapter 61 + The 5 Special Chapters of Love Sick (Novel). Not mine. Just edited some typos / spellings. ©Lovesick soompi f...
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Tomorrow With You (a phun and noh fanfiction) by Fluxxerxxx
Tomorrow With You (a phun and Fluxxerxxx
Fanfiction of a thai bl series "lovesick" .. Please do enjoy this story.. Khobkhunkhrap❤❤🙏🙏...
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Thai BL One Shots by Emmasmith7202
Thai BL One Shotsby 🛸
This is a collection of one shots from various couples throughout Thai BL series. It will not be focused on one pair in particular, whereas it will explore a different c...
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Репетиция by FreeWanderer
Репетицияby FreeWanderer
Не уверен перед съемками - тебе поможет репетиция
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An Everlasting Problem (Phun And Noh AU Fan Fiction) by LittleKittyWasabi
An Everlasting Problem (Phun And Wasabi
This is a boy x boy fan fiction. Don't like gay love then move on. This isn't the story for you. There will be cursing in this story. If you don't like profanity please...
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I'm Sorry, Noh... Goodbye... by BeiBeiL
I'm Sorry, Noh... BeiBeiL
Phun and Noh loves each other. They're happy. So why is Phun packing his things away? Why does it seem like he was leaving? What about Noh? Is he leaving him? Does Noh e...
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Noh Rocks, Phun Rolls by user12749585
Noh Rocks, Phun Rollsby
What happens to Phun Noh, Om Mick - 10 years from now? All the characters are based on Lovesick the series and I don't claim to have created any of them. Will they stand...
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21st: And so I thought  by flowerfairylovesyou
21st: And so I thought by Kylae Anne Nocamis Ravidlas
Elle is a man trap hidden closet gay in which when he turns 21st during his birthday, his life begins anew.
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The Unexpected Mate (A LoveSick the Series Au Fanfiction) by LittleKittyWasabi
The Unexpected Mate (A LoveSick Wasabi
This is a boy x boy fan fiction. Don't like gay love then move on. This isn't the story for you. =============================== It's been fifty years since the war betw...
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Through The years by scx_scx
Through The yearsby scx_scx
White and Captain did the Lovesick the series for almost Two years and after that they focus on their own career. But now they are back to the new series U-Prince as t...
VAMPIRE MATES by Blossomtear_
VAMPIRE MATESby Blossomtear_
It has been a year for Arthit and Kongpob together but the longer they build their relationship the more challenges they need to go through. One day, Kongpob enemy since...
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In a perfect world by baninthegreat
In a perfect worldby baninthegreat
Where Noh meets a celebrity who will change his life forever
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Love Sick : The After Story by KarlaKim8
Love Sick : The After Storyby Karla Kim
Have you ever wondered what happened with us after the end? Back then when we -unknowingly- were still far away from our happy ending. Even in this moment, I'm still uns...