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>let's accompany these two on their Japan adventure.

Phun's POV

We were back at the hotel at almost past ten in the evening. I took the chance to call Noh's Mom while he was still in the shower.

"Yes, Mom we've arrived safely", I answered to the happy chatter on the other line. "We visited that temple you told me about"..There was a pause for a moment.."Not yet Mom, still finding the right time", I shyly replied keeping my voice as low as possible. I smiled listening to the other line.

"Who were you talking to?".

"Huh!!", I was surprised to see Noh now standing behide me with furrowed brows. He wears his cotton white pajamas and white singlet. His hair still dripping wet, I can see a drop travels down from his hair to his smooth neck down towards his chest . Does he know how tempting he looks right now?

I shook my head internally and cleared my wandering mind. "I'm talking to Mom", I answer and went back to my phone. "Yes, Mom, we'll take care. Noh's here now, you wanna talk to him?. Ohh.. okay". I give him my phone and leave him to take my shower.

When I walked out, Noh's already crawling his way into the bed.

"Hey, Noh..don't sleep yet. Your hair is still wet."

"But I'm sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyy...", he whined almost drooping his body on the bed.

I understand him  since we did walk a lot. We only rested for a few minutes upon our arrival. I shook my head, just went to the phone, and requested a hair dryer for this child instead. Moments later, a trusty hotel personnel deliver it.

"Come, let's dry your hair first", I pulled this sleepy person up to sit. "C'mon...". This turn out to be hard labor as this big kid refuses to leave the bed.

"I'm sleepyyyyyyyyyyy......", yup! he still manages to pout even in his sleep. How cute...

"We need to dry your hair first, okay.. then I 'll let you sleep", I told him again pulling him up. I did manage to get him up despite his resistance. I had to propped my knee on his back to prevent him from laying back on the bed. This simple task prove to be quite difficult for tonight.

"Good Night Noh. I love you", I whispered, planting a chaste kiss on his forehead. He manages to mumble something incoherently and snuggle closer to me. Wrapping him in an embrace, I close my tired eyes and sleep the night away.


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