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"", Om's voice booms throughout the whole house. The topless buffed guy , wearing a black apron swirls the frying pan from left to right, up and down and round and round. If his eyes almost pops out of its socket.

"O...M...M...M.", Noh calls out his name in a slowest possible way sending chills to the big guy that had his back glued unto the kitchen wall.

"Ahhhh..Don't do this to me..I'll bring food, flowers, I'll give you offering just go back to your place..Rest in peace, my friend", Om's mumbling nonsense. The big guy is really scared to the nth. Watching him tremble is such a pity. Om helplessly hide under the frying pan his holding. It kind of remind you of an ostrich burying his head on the ground with his big butt sticking out. Noh, Phun and Mick can't seem to decide whether to laugh or cry.

Nong Mick face- palms in despair. He has been telling Om that Noh is nothing like a ghost but this stupid guy just keeps on screaming and shrieking like a woman on labor, completely ignoring his explanation. In fairness to the three of them, scaring the shit out of Om was never anyone's idea.

Backtrack..a few hours ago.


"Hey, Phun. Where are we going?", Noh asked, swaying a medium sized transparent plastic bag, coming out from a convenient store that we stopped by. I was on the video call with Nong Mick to give him a heads up that I will be visiting them and I'm bringing someone with me.

"Baeng Saen". I answer him.

"Okey".Noh nodded, passed by me to get back on our car.

"P..??", I turned back to my phone to see Nong Mick's pale face.

"What happened to you?", I asked since he looks like someone about to faint.

"I---I saw...I think I saw P'Noh..", Nong Mick struggled for his words.

"Ohh..", realizing it, I pitied the guy for almost giving him a heart attack. I scratch my head feeling all guilty. The guy in question is comfortably sitting inside car and happily munching on his junk food.

"It's a long story Nong Mick, but one thing is for sure, that was not a ghost", I pacified the little guy adding a tiny guilty smile.

"Ohh..Thank God", Nong Mick heaved the deepest sigh of relief. "'re coming here? I'll close the store ", he happily added like the previous scare didn't happened. Did he just moved on from that scare that easily?My, this guy sure has a strong heart.

"That is too don't have to do that".

"No,no..i insist..This is great..I'm pretty sure P' Om gonna be thrilled", he excitedly added, making his eyes tinier than ever.

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