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>the previous chap did came with a shocking revelation..


"What if I told you, I knew all this time that you had survived the quake?".

Of all things I've expected to come out of our conversation, this was the least of what I've had in mind. In fact, it never ever crossed my mind.

I stared back at the man, left with no words to say. He knew? My mind had a hard time digesting this fact. Could it be?no.... he's just bluffing. I mean, how could he? Why would he hide that away from Phun? from my parents?12 years..we were all living in the dark. Phun...certainly he saw how hurt Phun was...certainly he knew how a parent would feel...He couldn't?

"How?!?", the only word I manage to utter while staring at the man.

" I couldn't explained the fear i felt when i heard it through the news.After the quake and that devastating tsunami, I immediately flew to Japan to find my son. I know you both had your vacation there though Phun had not told me".

 "I scoured the streets.. every clinic... and hospital and even visited the morgues trying to find my son. It took me days till finally I found him in a hospital lying unconscious all this time. A head injury sends him to a coma. Seeing my son in that condition, I can't help but blame you. Phun didn't know but I knew everything he's been doing. I knew that while studying he's been tiring himself finding part-time jobs. I didn't get it though. What we give him is more than enough for him. But Phun, that child, he's bound to prove something. Other than the basic things he needed for school, he never touches our money. I didn't see him go out in clubs, buy things normal teenagers do. All he does was study, work and be with you.".

Hearing Phun's dad recall all these account, it made me think back those days. We seldom go out and oftentimes during our breaks, we spent cooking at the dorm, strolling around random places or go to my house and let my Ma spoiled us. I never thought that was weird. I always knew Phun was a diligent student and being a medical student, I didn't doubted his utmost dedication to study. I instead followed him and took my studies seriously too. That's how we spent our three years in the uni. I never knew he got part-time jobs. Phun always likes to help others and oftentimes during high school, teachers will call on him to do some stuff for them.

Gulping the remaining wine on his glass, he continued. "When Phun admitted your relationship, we didn't take it to heart. We both thought it's just a phase in a teenage life. Young people like you tend to experiment and try new things. Somehow, both of you persevered and that bothers us. Phun is our only son, while we don't particularly have anything against you, I'm just a normal parent who wants everything good for my son. We tried to talk Phun out of this, but it only resulted to a misunderstanding."

"After finally finding my son, I've arranged a personal medical team to transport him back home at once. Phun was in a worst condition and not even the doctor could give a promising result. It was the darkest days of my life. When my money can't even guarantee my son's life.", he give a smile but it was a bitter one. "Days passed..we could do nothing but pray he'll come through the ordeal..that he'll come back to us".

"Our government had asked me to go back to Japan to oversee the recovery of our missing people. . There were a still number of our people who are missing by that time...that includes you".

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