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Early the next morning, we took a train ride to Akita. The almost three hour drive is nothing compared to the scenery Akita can offer. I could tell Noh is  totally enjoying it too since we both didn't doze off during the ride. We watched in awe as the beautiful scenery unfolds before us right by the window. 

A full serving of their famous Kiritanpo happily settled in our stomachs, we made our way to explore Akita. Our one day itinerary includes a tour around Kokunadate , a pleasure boat ride into the majestic clear blue waters of Lake Tazawa and a trip to Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum.Though Noh appeared to be unafraid seeing those hideous scary looking Namahage, he clearly hides it but he sure stands a lot closer to me since we went in.

"Don't be afraid", I whispered to his ears as we stood by in front of various Namahage statue (they are really scary looking).

"Who's afraid?", Noh quickly denied with furrowed brows, inching away from me.

I chuckled at his vehement denial." Then would you want to watch their performance?", I pried even more , curious to know how far he'll go.

"Sure", Noh quickly answer then he drags me in to my surprise.

I was actually just joking. There's no way I'd let him do things he hate especially things he's afraid of. But Noh proves to be a stubborn brat cause no matter how I tried to talk my way out, he still insist on seeing the performance. I could only sigh and mentally beat myself. Just why do i have to challenge him???

Later that night, I woke up to the sound of soft whimpers as  Noh snuggles closer to me. His face looks uncomfortable , a crest forms on his forehead and his breathing rather quick.

"'s'm here..i'm here...", cI whispers to his ears, coaxing him back to sleep. I heaved a deep sigh while looking at the sleeping figure snuggled beside me. "Just why do you have to do that to yourself?". I kissed his forehead and lightly massage his twisted brows till finally it relaxes and he's breathing normally again.

I wrapped him in my embrace and made a promise to myself, never ever to let him see any Namahage mask again...burn them all..

Next stop: Iwate

Iwate offers a rich natural landscapes, an authentic and tranquil side of Japan. The trip to the Jodogahama Beach was breathtaking. The unique rock formation is truly a remarkable sight. We did filled another gigabyte worth of pictures.

Then we took a walk around the streets of Iwate and came across "The Three Great Noodles of Morioka." popular dishes of the noodle variety. I can't believe I let Noh talk me into participating in the noodle-eating challenge in the shop where we went into.

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