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I woke up to unfamiliar surroundings. The faint smell of disinfectant made its way to my nostrils. My eyes felt heavy as I struggle to open them. The white ceiling clearly tells me I'm not in my room. I groaned a bit. I felt so weak, seems like I've drifted for so long. I blinked my eyes rapidly to shake away my drowsiness..

Where am I?

I squinted my eyes and caught a glimpse of a sleeping man curled uncomfortably on a couch, obviously too little for him. He has his back on me and he looks like a fetus in that position.

I let my heavy eyes roam around the room. It's so eerie quite. The curtains been downed so I'm not sure what time is it. How long was I out?? My eyes settled on a fruit basket on the side table on my right side. A cute pink note stands beside it. I lifted my hand to try to reach it and furrowed my brows upon seeing a tube connected to the back of my palm with needle tucked firmly on my veins. A bag of half-filled dextrose hangs on my above.

I lifted my body up, using my left hand for support. The movement causes my eyesight to wobble a bit and turned the room twirling around. I shut my eyes close to steady my balance. I took slow breaths and let my senses adjust to its surroundings. After sometime, I successfully managed to pull myself up in a sitting position.

I stayed still for a while resting my back on the bed's headboard. I turned and reached for the note by the side.

"Get well soon P", the cute note is filled with drawings of hearts, butterflies, flowers and what seems like a unicorn (since it has a horn on the head). The drawing look like a fusion of a dog, a horse and a goat...hehehe..I chuckled lightly as I put the note back.

I wanted to get up and take a walk. I'm fully awake now and somehow I've my body aching for some movements. I felt my body...I was feeling no physical pain. It looks like I've had fully rested...I was about to climb down my bed when I heard a click from the door. The knob was slowly turned and a two heads popped in. I watched them closely as the two tiptoed its way in. They were so focused on maintaining their light steps that I don't think they notice me. The little one even has her fingers against her pursed lips motioning the older one who is covering his mouth as well. I let out a soft chuckled at these funny antics I've witnessed.

They both gasp when they both saw me looking at them, eyes widened like full moon.

"P!!!", Nong Love blurted out her words. She then giddily ran and jump towards my me in the tightest hug her little arms could give.

The sudden yelp however sends that sleeping man by the couch in a jolt. The startled man fell on the floor with a rather loud thud..groaning in pain.

"I'm sorry P'Night", Nong Love apologized to the startled man on the floor, seeing how pitiful he looked. Honestly, it was quite hilarious.

Night widely smiled and shyly scratched his head. He then give a thumbs up to Nong Love. Dad laughed echoed in the room as he walked towards us. "Easy Nong, your brother might choke".

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