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>surprise!!!one more it okay???cause this scenario just played in my mind..and i just have to write it.


I sigh. It seems so long ago but the fact is it was just about four days ago when I came home from my "camping trip". I had gathered enough courage to try and apologize for my mistakes. I racked my brain of ideas on how I should do it. I even prepared a peace offering.

"I'm Homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"... I opted to use this approach on him. I prepared myself of his cold attitude, I imagine him glaring at me or maybe giving me a smack or a punch to which I'd happily take, if that's the only way to lessen my sins.

But I came home to an empty place.

When I swung the door open, everything is where it is, like the way it used to be but somehow it feels empty. I ran out and went to the renovation site. I knew the program already ended but I was hoping he was still there. The place still has the remnants of the gathering this afternoon though its empty.

"Where is he?", I mumbled to myself as I scanned the surrounding for any sign of him.

I went back to the resort and saw my Dad and Dr. Nhat sitting by a bench sharing coffee together.

"Dad..Dr....sawatdee khap", I greeted them as I stand in front of them.

"sawatdee Nong Yoru", DR. Nhat replied."Did you just arrived?"

"Yes, Doc. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be here for the program",

"It's okay Nong", Dr. Nhat wave me off. "We understand."

"so , did you finished your work?", Dad inserted.

"yes, Dad", I answered. I lied (I'm sorry dad) .I left a note telling them that I have some urgent work to finish, in case they look for me.

"That's good..Have you had your dinner?"

"Later Dad. I'm not hungry yet".The truth is I wanna asked them about Dr. Phun, but I don't know how. I keep throwing glances everywhere.

Where is he? By the shore perhaps..did he find his tag or is he still looking for it??.

*cough*cough*Someone apparently wants my attention back. I turned to look at my dad and Dr. Nhat eyeing me rather warily.

"Are you looking for Dr. Phun?", Dr. Nhat asked.

I swallowed my breath. Am I that obvious? But why would I be anxious?It's perfectly normal for me to look for him, after all, he is my adopted roommate.

"Yes..Dr.", I admitted. "He wasn't home when I arrived. there's something I want to discuss with him..a—about w-work".

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