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>the song has nothing to do with the story but i just wanna share it. Its one of those songs that makes me wanna cry at the very first note.

>for some reason, i can't decide a good title for this chap 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Phun's POV

"Here we are", I happily thought to myself. It's been hours sitting by the plane and Noh is happily basking himself in dreamland. My shoulders a bit numb as he is leaning his head on it but totally not complaining about it.

I smiled to myself as I've successfully surprised him yet again at the airport. Noh thought that we'd be having our vacation with friends, his gang and mine. But I've got other plans.

Yes, that may seem a little selfish but I want Noh to myself alone (sorry guys!!!). We only have about two weeks vacation then the final year of my studies. For us med students, it called the Zombie Apocalypse for it will be super busy, going to the toilet is already a luxury.

Our seniors even stated it' s the year of loss. Since we will likely lost contact with earth and its inhabitants (just kidding). It' s a test of how strong the relationship is. I've heard stories of relationship ending just because of this.

So I'm saving up quality time with my Noh. And I'm not planning to be one of those who'd be sucked up in busyness. But I know we will likely spent a little less time than before. So I want to make this vacation memorable for both of us.

"Excuse me sir, would you like something on the tray", a pretty stewardess offered with a friendly smile. I glanced at the food in the tray. It does look delicious. But then I looked at my left arm which was held captive by this person, it would be quite hard to eat this way.

"No, thank you miss", I smiled at her while tilting my head towards my  sleeping seatmate.

She smiled looking at me understandably."A blanket, perhaps ?", while looking at my sleeping Noh.

"That would be nice".

"I will be back", she courteously replied.

She pushed her tray and a little while came back with a blanket.

I took the blanket from her. "Thank you very much Miss Ell", I thanked her taking a peck at her name tag.

"You're welcome Sir. Please  feel free to call any of us should you need anything".

"I will. ".

I took at this guy peacefully sleeping by my side. Arms wrapped around my arms like it's some sort of a bolster. I gently placed the blanket over him and placed a small kiss on his forehead. The warm feeling inside envelopes all over me .I could take this forever...this moment.

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