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>.i really cringe at  my chapter title ...hahaha...but let me be cheesy for now..probably because of the colds.... my mind can't think of something better.

>you know..... it really warms my heart when you cheered for Yoru...i guess we all want the same thing....


I woke early today. I need to fix the guests scheduled tour first before leaving. I don't wanna leave them all to Night. It's my duty anyway. I had talked to my assistant and had oriented him on the guest itinerary. I don't know how long I'll be gone so I wanna make sure I still have a resort to run when I get back.

If it's only me , I would have gone to Bangkok last night. but I can't be an irresponsible son to my father especially how Dad gave me his blessing..Till now, it seemed too surreal for me.The least I could do is settle things first. I spent the whole morning doing the preparations. I looked at my watch and its almost eleven. The first boat trip from Ranong will arrive soon then it will return immediately after.

I went home as fast as I could, showered quickly but damn spent a longer time on my outfit to wear. I'm usually not this picky when it comes to clothes. I just wear the first thing my hand grabs, but i guess today is rather not an ordinary day.

I opened my closet and stare at my wardrobe. Some shirts were hanged and a few were folded neatly. I pick out a white long sleeves and a black pants...but I immediately throw it away the moment I look at myself in the mirror. no!no!no! I look like a professor...

next: black muscle shirt and black tattered jeans... ( I forgot I ever had this outfit) but no!no!no! Too edgy...

how about this..I pulled out a brightly-colored yellow shirt then throw it out all at once ..I look like a walking sun... too much attention...

white cotton shirt and a off white cardigan short...I slumped on my bed feeling helpless...too plain..

I groaned inwardly...

Why is it so hard to choose an outfit???

The chimes of the bells signal the arrival of the boat. I bolted from my stupor state and grab a stripped black and white thin cotton sweater and a dark blue denim. I put on a black and white sneakers, a black tinted sunglasses and a white cap. I took the tag and carefully put in inside the pink stationery paper, folded it and tucked it safely by my side pocket. I hurriedly grab my black backpack and my luggage and dash to the port.

Night had volunteered to take me to Ranong in a speedboat since it would be much faster. Although I wanted to get to Bangkok as soon as possible, I also know how busy Night is, with the arriving guests and everything, so I turned down his offer.

"Go get him, brother", patting my back Night flashes his 32 white teeth.He was smiling sheepishly  but i felt the sincerity beneath. 

"Su Su na P'", Nong Love happily cheered me on, circling her small arms on my waist. I ruffled this sweet girl's hair fondly.

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