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Phun's POV

"Welcome.. Master Phun", an elderly auntie welcomes us as we boarded off the bus. We are here now in Miyagi specifically Sendai.

"hello Auntie Rune", I smiled ever so widely and hugged her tightly in my arms.

Auntie Rune is Auntie Noi elder sister. She used to work for us but then she got married and moved her in Miyagi with her husband. Haven't seen her more at least eight years now.

"Master Phun had grown too fast.. Such a handsome man you are", Auntie Rune laughs heartily patting me gently on the back.

"It's my curse Auntie", I jokingly replied. "By the way Auntie, this is Noh",I grab my boyfriend who is standing behind me silently watching us .

"Your boyfriend...ohhh,, such a adorable face", Auntie Rune exclaimed setting her eyes on my Noh. I laughed seeing Noh' gave Auntie an awkward wai with his reddened face. I was surprised that Auntie knew about us.

"Don't act too surprised Khun Phun. Noi and I had chatted oftentimes and I'm very much informed of everything about you", Auntie Rune laughs bemusedly at me.

"come, come, you must be tired..let us go home", Auntie takes both our hands and led us to where her car was park.

"Auntie, is it really okay if we stay here?", Noh ask as the car pulled into a huge garage. A two story modern type house stood before us. The lush of greenness surround the area. Auntie loves gardening and is evident of how the garden was set up.

"Of course", Auntie replied as she led us inside the house. "Your Uncle Tom was happy that I have someone to stay with me here. I get lonely sometime.". Auntie and Uncle got married in their 50's already. Auntie Noi jokingly tease her of finally boarding the very last trip.

"uhmm Auntie, where's Uncle Tom", I asked as I settled on the soft white cushion. Although Auntie's house looked modern on the outside, inside there was a touch of Japanese just like this tatami flooring where sitting.

"oww your Uncle is on a business trip. He'll be back by tomorrow .He is excited to see both of you", Auntie answered through the kitchen.

"I made this for you. I know you miss this", Auntie cheerfully says setting in the delicious sweet smelling mini muffins and steaming cups of green tea.The aroma filled through the air that I eagerly take a sip at the sweet mild flavour of the tea.

"Auntie, this is very delicious", I smiled lovingly as I took another sip."What is this called?"

"It's a Gyukoro. I'm glad you like it. I hope Nong Noh likes it too", She smiled while looking at my boyfriend.

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