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I got out of the house as was greeted by the crisp morning sunshine. The world looked brand new. A group of women gathered at the seashore chatting gaily with each other.

The day went by so quickly. The mission was a success. We were able to cater the medical needs of these beautiful island people. These days that I have spent with them is very humbling. It makes me realizes how simple things can truly make one happy. There were living a totally different lives from what I've been born to. No traffic, no internet, no gadgets, crowded places, deafening noises, what they have is nature and each other.

Its almost 4 in the afternoon. I'm all alone leisurely walking by the shore offering my phone to the heavens (well the truth is I had my phone up searching for some signal). I need to talk to my sister Pang especially now, the group has decided to spend one more night here. Uncle Susu insisted that we should stay for they have prepared a thanksgiving party for us. It was really very easy to convince us (he he). Delicious food, beautiful place and warm people, who would say no, right?

"doctor, what are you doing here?" I jolted hearing his voice out of nowhere. I hid my phone to my pocket before turning around to face this intruder.

"aw...sorry. Did I startled you, Doctor?",his smiling again at me with his hands both on his hips.

"Er---Yoru",I smiled awkwardly back at him. I must look like a lunatic holding out my phone like that. "What are you doing here?". I throw him back a question.

"I like that",his gazing intently at me while his smile permanently plasters that beautiful face.

"Uhh???", what did he just say?

"Ahh-----", he smiled shyly, scratches his nape and immediately diverted his gaze at the sea. What?Did he just blushed right now? I tried to look at him again but he turns his head away from me. "Beautiful, right?",he asked a moment later.

"Uhh???", I didn't get him again. I look at him in confusion.

"The sea.". he looked at me for a moment and turn towards the waters.

"Ahhh..yeah", I was taken by surprise by his words. Yoru sure talk in riddles." It is very beautiful". I placed both my hands in my side pockets and enjoy this wonderful vision in front of us. We were in silence, no one uttered a single word. Yet it feels right...the silence..this space between us. Him beside me..Me beside him... "Arggh", I cringe inside. Phun?What are you thinking???I badly needed Pang right now.

"Uhmmm. Do you know where I could get a signal here?", I decided to ask him since he does look very familiar to the place.

"Ahh.. so you were searching for some signal, then".


"I thought you're doing some offering", he teases me bluntly. His gaze is on me while his face still has that pink dust all over it or maybe it's just the orange sky's reflection. I do not know for sure. Then he laugh.

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