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The taxi stopped at the front of Zhangjun General Hospital. I got out of the taxi and stared right in front of this gigantic building. The sunny sky is perfect for today. I can't help but feel that somehow , heaven is cheering me on.

I walked into the huge lobby of the hospital. I have to blinked twice, cause this place looks like a park more than a hospital. Can't help but noticed the beautiful garden capsuled right at the center, a grand masterpiece. A wide stair spirals around it and it goes way up to the highest floor. The glass roofing right above it presents the beautiful azure afternoon sky.

I looked around and quite a number of people are here. The information desk kinda busy so iI opted to find their directory board. It's easy to spot it since its the biggest  directory I ever saw. I went closer and scanned through the names on it. Dr. Khan..Dr. Chen...Dr. Li....Dr. Baramee..Phew!!!I have to say, it looks like an international hospital with all the doctors coming from all over the planet

"Dr. Phun Phumipat, Pediatrics, 6th floor, right wing". I smiled as I see my Phun's name on it. As I stood there waiting for the elevator to open, my eyes went back to that long spiraling stairs at my right side and then back at the elevator doors which were taking forever to open. There supposed to be five doors, why aren't they opening.. (or was it just me being impatient).I tapped my foot anxiously while my eyes darted to the stairs again

Realizing that there's a growing crowd waiting for the elevator, I hastily moved my feet and decided to take the stairs instead.

I can't wait anymore.

I swung the door open after I've knocked for a couple of times. I didn't hear anyone answering so I decided to let myself in. The room was spacious with shades of white, baby pink and blue. An array of empty couches  lined on the side corner. There were two 4-layer wooden cabinets on each corner, one is filled with hard-bound books while the other one were filled with plush toys: Sponge Bob, Huba, Pikachu.. Pooh, Hello Kitty..Luffy and every character you can think of..

There was another  door that led to a smaller room. It has Phun's name hanged on it. A table right by that door lays empty. Where is everybody?

Just then, I heard the door opened and a brown haired wearing a pink tunic and white scrubs. The cute little star design on her left chest makes her look warm and friendly. Even the pink-rimmed glasses she wears makes her look years younger than she actually was. Noh can only think of one word to describe her:motherly.

"Uh—hello", a newly arrived woman greeted me warmly.

"Hello Ma'am", I smiled at the lady who has just arrived. I watch her went straight to the empty seat and put her hello kitty pink bag on the table. Ahhh..she's Phun assistant,I guess

"Are you here for Dr. Phumipat?", she asked in a friendly tone.

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