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"HEY!!!", I felt a sting at the back of my head as a heavy hand landed on it.

"What the fu---".I turn to see this bastard grinning back at me. "Night!!!", I screamed at this idiot beside me.Those heavy arm now lays lazily on my shoulders. I tried to kick his shin to retaliate but somehow he has expected it and dodged my moves skilfully laughing his heart's out in the process.

"Ha!Ha!Ha!",This pain- inflicting friend of mine had already given himself some distance away from me. This asshole!!! Don't think you'll get away from me!!!!

We ran around the resort like tramp children on the loose. It's basically a common thing around here. Night and I were like brothers, well maybe not in blood but we're tight. We even share the same name (well Yoru in Japanese means night) you see..we're tight.

"Come here you moron, don't let me catch you", I shouted at him while trying my best to catch up with him. Yup, we're close. Profanities??? It's all part of it.

"Not with your heavy ass dragging you down",he shouted back at me with his evil laugh echoing through the place.

''You are so dead".I bolted my way towards him, but this guy did the same too. Catching up to him is not an easy feat. But don't think I'll let him go that easy. NO WAY!!!!! we run through the array of trees, jump over some benches lying innocently on the beach, knock over some tables and chairs. He took a u-turn and we're back running again.

I stop for a while. Damn, i'm tired. I put my arms on my knees for support as i hunched my back. I breath with my mouth to catch some needed air.

"Hey!!Grandpa, tired already", he yelled from a distance. His cocky smile, hands on the waist is a clear challenge. His catching his breath too i could tell but not as bad as me. Hehe. I took a deep breath and speed up in a jiffy which surprised him. I maneuvered through the by standers and took a sudden short cut .

I instantly jump at him, catching him off the ground with my long arm. I pinned him down to the ground. We roll on the sandy ground while we each try to topple each other. I hit him hard on his head whenever I get the chance. I can hear people laughing and giggling around. Yup, we do look like idiots.

"Heavy my ass, you bastard. Who's grandpa ha!!".

"ha!ha!ha! win...", his laughing and pleading at the same time, dodging my hands as possible as he could.

"Serves you right, asshole.", I growled at him smiling triumphantly at my victorious revenge.

"I can't help it man, you should have look at your face", he guffawed.

I furrowed my brows clearly confused "What face are you talking about??"

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