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We're in the middle of strolling this beautiful city of Santorini when my phone rings. It's our third stop of our honeymoon trip (till now I still can't believe that I'm already married). Took us quite a long time to figure it out but here we are. I immediately answered the phone when I saw my brothers' number calling.

"P'phun", I can't hide my excitement hearing my brother's voice again.

"How are you, Pang?".

" We' re having a blast . Santorini is so beautiful. We've spent the whole day just walking around.I so love it here",I excitedly tell him. "how about you P'?, Auntie Noi told me about Friday's medical mission?"

"yah..I've met with Brother Sakda and Dr. Whaen in Baeng San. They asked me if I could help. Since my flight's been cancelled, I decided to go."  

"Good to hear that P. A little more time in Thailand might change your mind".

"Nah..Pang..I've already decided on that".

P' Phun plans to stay in the US for good. He had already told me of his plan even before coming back here for my wedding. I did tried to change his mind, but he is dead set on it. I understand him but I'd still pray he'll have a change of mind. Although we could go visit him there, it still not the same as having him here in our own country.

I know he didn't call me just for this. I know my brother. Though he tries to hide it, there' s something in his voice. I gave him the full details of our tour here. The wonderful places we' ve visited. I hear him laugh on the other line. It warms my heart. It has been a long, long time since then. Sigh.

"P,Phun.. is....there....something wrong...???", I asked him. He was silent for a while. I heard him took deep breaths. I know, something is bothering him.

"you know, you can tell me anything me P", I added wanting to give him assurance that whatever it is, I am here to listen.

"I—I know pang. It's just that-----",he was again silent like he is weighing something on his mind."I don't know how to tell you?"

"Is it about work?, I guessed

"No, work's pretty good here."

"Where exactly are you now?",

"A little island Koh Phayam. It is truly a hidden paradise. The view is simply amazing and the people are so kind- hearted.  Uncle Norak has this beautiful bamboo bungalow resort. We're staying with him. Nong Love, his daughter is such a cute little girl and such a rascal too. You'll love her for sure. And you should see Yoru's hut, I'm staying at it,  it's very unique. He is Uncle Norak's son, a marine biologist, also very kind and friendly.

I smiled to myself hearing him chatting gaily. "That's good to hear P. I'm happy you're enjoying your stay there".

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