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I woke up to a searing pain. I flinched as I carefully moved my body. I've been wrapped tightly by this sleeping man beside me. The sun was already high up and I need to get to the bathroom. Slowly taking away his hands wrapped around my waist, I bit my lips trying to adjust to the pain.

It's my fault anyway. It was a long night and I did ask him to go harder. Phun's been pretty considerate, I know how much he endured, always makes me his priority above all I wanna make him happy. The way he made me. And shiaaaa....This guy has endurance as his middle name. He even had clean up my mess before kissing me to sleep.

I got out from the bed careful not to wake this beast or another battle would surely commence again. With my hands massaging my back waist, I tiptoed my way to the bath.

I stand in front of the mirror, horrified while looking at my current state. I looked like I've been swamped by malaria with those red patches all over me. Or should I say I looked like a new breed of Dalmatian..spotted red.

I turned to my see and back and looks even worse than the front. Guess I should forget sleeveless shirt for days ahead

The warm water splash through my body, the steam gives off a very relaxing vibe. Sure, it does hurt there but its bearable. That place never been touched by anybody else. And I never thought of that thing in all my years as Yuro.

I never thought of myself as weird though if I recall it now, it didn't bother me that I didn't had a girlfriend. I had dated back in school, but most of that was because of Night's doing. I was  the great wing-man to this hot-blooded man. I'm usually the stand –in date whenever he get himself into a double date.

I do remember a classmate whom I've went out a couple of times but it didn't progress since I didn't take the next step.

Apparently, I had my studies to keep me busy..Then when I went back to the island, I had my work as my reason and taking care of Nong Love and Dad since Mom died. I did tried to went on a couple of dates, but somehow.. something always held me back. It's like whenever I planned to do so, a heavy load would dislodged itself in my heart..

I laughed to myself, "Though my memory was gone, My heart had always been for Phun. And even as Yoru, I somehow can't fall in love with someone else..I still ended up having feelings to this handsome doctor with the sad eyes. I even decided to take him away from that owner of his heart..which..was me..Can you even believe the irony of things. Fate sure had a great laugh on this.

The warm waters continued to kissed its way to my skin. I sighed as I close my eyes and lift my face up letting warm waters sprinkles to my face all the way down to my body. I don't know how long I'm standing under the shower, next thing I felt was a pair of warmer arms embraced me from the back. Hot soft lips pressed on my nape. I hold on the arms that wrapping me as I let my head rest on him.

"You scared me", Phun whispered in his deep husky voice.

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