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>The song is "Personal Angel" and it fits this them really really much 😭CTTO of this vid.


"Ok, bye. I'll call you again", I chuckled hearing the childish whining of the other line. "I promise...No..he's busy..Okay..I'll tell him that..yes..yes..I swear...".

After endless promises, finally Pang let me go. Apparently, Noh had let her know about my little sickness and in turn I had to listen to her ranting on how I should take care of myself. I did learn from her how Noh came to know where to find me. She prided herself for being able to hold back and keep Noh's coming for me as a secret as Noh had requested from her.

So in return, I had to report/ share to her the latest news. I was surprised when Pang mentioned Noh spending the night at the mansion, I mean..the fact that they were the ones who ask Noh to stay. Pang also mentioned that Dad and Noh had talk and by the looks of it..everything seems well. I'm actually happy to hear that. I haven't ask Noh yet what they talk about.. but the fact that my parents especially my Dad took the initiative, it moved me. And I'm happy.

I pocketed my phone and gazed at the happy family in front of me. I can't help but smile and be thankful for this moment.

Mom's been busy all afternoon preparing us food. She's frantically all over, dragging us to the mall to buy the ingredients. Noh and I tried to stop her as there were already more than enough for us.

"Just let me be. A mother wants to cook for her sons again", Mae insisted smiling through her blurry eyes, cupping our faces tenderly with her palms.

"Okay, Ma..but we'll help", Noh conceded with a smile. I nodded too in agreement. Mom sigh in defeat. Can't win over the charm of two. (😄)

" can chop the vegetables for the soup. ", Mom commanded giving Noh the knife. "Phun and Dad can do their usual thing..".

"Copy that. Captain", Dad and I echoed while giving Mom a grand salute.

"Eh????", Noh furrowed his brows in confusion.

"Ohhh..I set the table and Dad gets the wine", I explained, massaging the knitted brows on his face.

"Ahhh..."he nodded with a smile.


I had set the table and somehow, the happy image of the mother and son, preparing delicious meal took me out of this world. Mom's laugh at Noh's cutting antics rang throughout the four corners of the house. Their infectious laughter creeps through me, and I find myself laughing with them.

"Never thought I'd live the day to see this again", a gentle arm round my shoulder woke me up from my trance. I look up and saw a contented smile plastered on the old man's face as he too watch his family in awe. He let out a sigh. A contented sigh.

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