My hands snaked its way to the soft skin underneath his shirt. The supple skin felt so good to touch.. I let my hands roam freely around the smooth area and lightly brushed the two little buds in there.

"Phunn.................", Noh called out as my thumb and index fingers played with one of the buds. " "D--Don't... ahhh... Phunn..................".Noh moans as his body jerks upward as I pinched his nipples... "

I traveled back to his lips to muffled his cry while my hands taking his shirt. Noh readily accepts the kiss. He lift his back as I rolled his shirt up. He lifts his head as I pushed the shirt out of his body. His hand made its way to my neck pulling me more into a deep kiss.

Noh is hungry..Hungry as I am..I left his mouth once more and trailed kisses to his skin., like tiny little breadcrumbs I kissed my way down. My mouth found one of its bud..pinkish..hardened bud. I swirled by tongue around it, creating a ring around it. I bit my lips as I stare at the round protruding nipple. I kiss it's tip, earning a grasped from Noh. I smiled as I opened my mouth and sucked the little bud.

"Ahhhh....", Noh clenched his hands on my nape and his body lift up. I sucked on the cute nipples hungrily, playing it my tongue..the little round thing sways left and right, and round and round against my tongue while I was brushing and pinching his other twin. I bit on it gently within my teeth and lick it repeatedly..up and down..side to tiny little bubblegum, it rolled perfectly in my mouth...

The buds glistening against the light and I love how lovely it look. I trailed kisses across and paid attention to the other one.

Noh wiggles and grasp...and take short breaths...I could hear the wild beating of his heart as I sucked on his buds. I sucked and planted one deep kiss on his heart.

'Phun ", Noh calls my name against his rugged breaths..

"Noh?", I stopped my attack and looked up him. He looks so beautiful with that passion written all over him.

"Kiss me".

"Yes, my love", I lowered my head and kissed that hungry awaiting lips. I let him take my shirt off. His hands caress by arms,, and my neck..and my back..

I groan as each touch sends hundreds of electric volts to my system. We kissed..we kissed like there's no tomorrow..we kissed with all the longings in our hearts.

Noh pants heavily beneath me. What remains is that tiny black cloth. I had discarded my own clothing as well. I looked at him, he is so beautiful right now..his messy hair..his reddened face...his passion-filled eyes..i love it all. And I'm taking in all in..storing it at the hardest drive in my memory...

"Phun ", he calls me with that soften look.

"Hmm....", I hummed as I devour him once more..

"Ph—uun.. ahh..Phu.nnn ...b..bed...", Noh slurs his words in between our kisses.

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