A Day To Remember

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"Hey, Laxus!" Lucy shouted, waddling towards the Thunder Legion who was chilling on the second floor of the building without a care in the world.

At Lucy's call, Laxus glanced at her before standing from his seat, despite Freed's protests that Lucy should have to walk to him. Meeting at the stairs, Laxus has a sinking feeling when he sees the cheerful sparkle in her eyes, along with the terrible twosome that was the new members sitting behind her.

Laxus was never the nicest, friendliest guy, so he didn't have any trouble picking up the suspicious vibes the two emitted. Especially with how hard they were trying to be close to his girlfriend.

"I'm going on a mission with Lila and Kaden, okay?" She said, sauntering up to him. She gave him a quick hug, never lingering. She was all abuzz, naturally excited for an adventurous mission.

Laxus didn't respond at first, his stomach dropping at the knowledge that she really was going on a mission with the two sketchy newbies.

Lucy quirked an eyebrow when Laxus gave her that look. The easiest way to explain it was he gave her that look when he was angry with her.

"So, you're going on a mission with them?" Laxus asked sharply, his tone condescending.

Lucy could already feel annoyance start to stir within her. Did he really have to do this now? In front of the entire guild? He was being preposterous. Sure, they didn't know much about the two. But that was why Lucy was going on a mission with then! To get to know them!

"Yes...I am," She replied cautiously, knowing she was walking on eggshells around her lover.

He snarled, and Lucy suddenly wanted to retreat a step. She forced her legs to stiffen, even though her limbs were both yearning to prove who was stronger and flee. She held her head high, her chin jutted out with every ounce of pride that still remained intact in her body.

Giving him a solid glare, Lucy waited for him to say something. Anything.

"So you're really going to go on a mission with them? Are you mad? You barely know them!" Laxus argued.

Lucy was done with this. She just wanted a peaceful, quiet morning until she had to leave for her job. But, Laxus seemed to have a serious problem with her going. She knew he was merely looking out for her, but it was hard to not be upset. He was treating her like an object! Like she couldn't make her own decisions, like she had to get the okay with him before doing anything.

She flashed him a razor smile.

"I barely knew you when we left Fairy Tail, but hey, I guess that's irrelevant. I barely knew Natsu when he brought me here too."

Lucy sucked in a deep breath, watching the broody male in front of her scowl.

"Look, I'll just leave, okay? I have a damn mission to do, so you can take your possessive crap, and shove it up your ass. I get it, you're looking out for me, but quit treating me like I'm your pet or something."

Laxus opened his mouth to retort something at Lucy, but she cut him off.

"Go relax or something. Take a nice herbal bath...light some damn candles...smoke some weed! Just relax!" She snapped, though the humor was apparent in her tone. She no longer felt threatened, nor did she feel the need to be angry. Humor was in her nature.

His mouth gaped open, watching as she stalked out, less pep in her walk, and more rage in her demeanor.


"Thank you for the lollypop, Lucy-nee!" Lila squeaked merrily, rapidly attacking her rainbow-painted sucker. Lucy cracked an elated grin, messing up the young girl's radiant azure locks. Lila giggled, and a small smile even tugged at Kaden's lips. The long train ride was both boring and calming.

Lucy was actually quite excited to see her new friends in action. She imagined Kaden in the same light as Gray. She pictured his magic, showers of ice crystal, breathtaking creations formed from calloused hands. When Lucy thought of ice magic, she always imagined amazing structures and weapons, delicately designed and created out of ice.

Lila was an enigma. She had no idea how a memory-reader would fight, especially a child. But, Lila did carry a miniature bow with a silver sheath of arrows. So, Lucy had the impression that Lila was a force to be reckoned with. Lucy wasn't the type of person to assume anyone was weak...especially after what happened.

Lila leaned against Lucy's side, purposely nudging her into Kaden. Lila had seen the entire episode in the guild. She had gazed on as Lucy defended their behalf, to her boyfriend no less. She had stood up for them, even when they were both practically strangers.

Lila knew it was mean, but she knew the world was a cruel place. Using Lucy's fight with Laxus to their advantage was a calculated, cold move, but a necessary one. Laxus and Lucy were on thin ice, both fighting fire with fire. If Lila could just get Kaden and Lucy closer, they could carefully strip her most valued friend away. Almost like surgery, when a doctor would utilize a scalpel to cut away all the unnecessary parts.

Kaden lazily wrapped an arm around Lucy, already aware of what the blunette was attempting to do.

Lucy felt the arm wrap around her and immediately started to pull away. But then, an inkling of a thought was sprouting in her mind. Laxus had treated her wrongly...He had made her feel small, insignificant...he had left her, abandoned her...Kaden would never do that. The thought spread, like poison corrupting the host.

Like a smudge of ink dropped into water, it spread so swiftly, that even Lucy's mind didn't catch it. The subtle look on Lila's face as she influenced Lucy's thoughts. After all, Lucy's guard was down. A fatal mistake in the end.

She sank into Kaden's embrace, not even aware those thoughts were not her own. She could only feel the temporary warmth of the white-haired male.

Deep, deep within herself, a voice seethed in the darkness. In the endless void that was her inner, that voice was the spark. The spark that was needed to light the flames.

"Fight.." It whispered, voice hoarse. "Fight with all you've got...to survive, you fight. It's kill, or be killed...fight Lucy... You must not fall...YOU MUST NOT!"

But, she had already fallen into their web, hadn't she? And, maybe she was too entangled to free herself unscathed.

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