Falling For It

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Lucy groaned as a particularly bright ray of sunshine peered down through her cream white curtains, the slightly ajar window leaking in fresh air and the noisy chirps of the bluebirds nested outside her window. 

She rolled over, the pastel pink comforter tangling between her legs. Her room was engulfed with the scent of the flowers planted outside her window. She breathed in deeply, inhaling the pungent smell of honeysuckle and jasmine, along with the flowery scent of the lilac bush creeping up towards her window.

The quiet hum of the bees calmed her, along with the swishing of the tree's massive limbs as the breeze forced the large plant to sway slightly. Suddenly, a blaring noise disrupts the calm peace. Lucy peels an irritated eye open, glancing blearily at the alarm clock that resided on her bedside table.

She grunted, tumbling towards it, frantically slamming her fist on the snooze button. Instead of the noise stopping, she heard an ear-splitting crash, and she finally moved to sit up. She sighed in annoyance when she realized she had smashed her alarm clock to non-functional pieces.

"Why the hell do I do this to myself?..." She grumbled, flopping back onto her bed. She laid there, wishing prayers to her alarm. Sure, it had been annoying, but it was damn beautiful. It had a galaxy design, one that had the perfect combination of swirling pink, periwinkle, and onyx. And now it was dead. 

She stared at her ceiling, wondering what time it was.  

'But, I can't check, because I broke my fricking clock,' She thought bitterly.

She sighed again, sliding to her feet. Her puffy green pajama pants with adorable cats dotting them scuffed the floor, one-size too big, while her oversized T-shirt was black, with a green paw print. Stumbling to her dresser, she messily tied her hair in a messy bun, the makeshift hair mess nearly collapsing. But, she was too tired to care.

Lazily making her way down to her kitchen, she had the funniest feeling she had forgotten something. Shrugging it off, she grabbed herself a bowl, one that was a buttery yellow color with some swirly designs. Snatching the cereal out of the cupboard, she poured a bowl of Frosted Flakes. After dumping some milk in, along with grabbing a spoon, she settled herself on the coach, not minding the mess she had left the day before. 

Wiping away excess popcorn mess and tissues, she made herself comfortable, snuggling up to her rainbow cheetah print blanket. Grabbing the remote to the lacrima TV, she decided she was in a cartoon mood. Sure she was an adult, but she didn't care. Sometimes all she wanted to watch was something childish. 

Right as she shoveled a spoonful of cereal into her mouth, a thought barreled into her head.

'Crap! I totally forgot about that mission!'  She thought in a panic. She had promised to go on a mission with the new members, Lila and Kaden.

She looked at her cartoons forlornly, before hurriedly munching the rest of her breakfast. She thought about requipping a normal outfit, but she chastised herself for having such a lazy thought. Blazing to get dressed, she settled on a pair of black shorts and a red T-shirt. She brushed through the tangled mess that was her hair, swearing the entire time. She should really cut her hair. 

She ran to pack some food and water into her Requip storage, before running to get her signature combat boots. She already had all of her necessities in her Requip space, so she was already set to go.

Dashing out the door, she zoomed towards Fairy Tail, looking like a blur of red. Once there, she burst through the doors, looking like a crazed maniac.

"Whoa! Lucy, you okay?" Gray asked, watching the blonde pant as she walked towards the bar.

She managed a nod, looking around for Lila and Kaden. She had ran here...RAN here! For them! And, as she glanced around, she realized they were nowhere in sight.

"Hey, Gray? What time is it?" She asked.

He looked at his watch, and she mentally told herself to buy a damn watch.

"It's 8:00 in the morning..." He responded. She thanked him, before walking over to a table to grieve her early morning. She should have just slept in!

"Lucy-nee!" Lucy looked up to see Lila, the sweet girl skipping over to her, wearing the same pink dress as the day before. She found that sort of odd but didn't dwell on the thought.

"Hey, Lila!" 

Lila settled herself beside Lucy, and Lucy smiled at the cute little girl. She decided as it appeared Kaden was picking their mission, to buy Lila and her milkshakes. 

"Lila, what kind of milkshake do you like?" She asked, and Lila tilted her head curiously.

"Lucy-nee...what's a milkshake?"

"You've never had a milkshake before?!" Lucy said with horror, imagining a life without her precious energy givers. Milkshakes were like her comfort food! Or...drink? 

"They're like a sweet treat! I'm going to buy you the one I like, okay Lila? And if you don't like it, I'll drink it and I'll buy you some cake or something!" Lucy said sweetly, flashing a kind grin.

Lila's lip quivered, but Lucy didn't notice because she already had stood up to order the milkshakes. Lila felt tears threatening to rise. Why...? Why did they have to hurt someone so kind-hearted? So nice, even to someone they just met. All Lila wanted to do was curl up in a ball and disappear.

Kaden appeared a second later, noting the way Lila seemed out of it. He placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort the young girl. He had seen part of the scene and knew why she was so torn up.

"I'm back, Lila! Here, I got you a vanilla milkshake!" Lucy placed the cute, tall glass filled with a shimmery white liquid on the table. She slid it towards Lila, and Lila perked up at the delicious looking drink foaming with whipped cream and peppered with rainbow sprinkles. 

It took her a second to figure out how a straw worked, but once Kaden explained it, she slurped on the milkshake and looked like heaven itself had invited her inside. 

"Lucy-nee! This tastes awesome!" Lila cheered. Lucy giggled, happy Lila liked her favorite food.

"Here, Kaden, you can have this one," Lucy offered, or more like demanded, handing her drink over to him. He shook his head, sliding it back.

"It's yours. I don't need one," He protested. She glared at him, though it was weak and had no anger behind it.

"Just drink it. I drink these things all the time." Kaden hesitated but gave in.

While the two drank their drinks, Lucy inspected the mission Kaden had chosen. It was a monster mission, apparently, some monster that dragged people off to the woods was terrorizing a village. It had a decent pay, one they could easily split three ways.

"So, are you guys ready to go?" She asked. They both nodded, though Lila protested she needed to finish her milkshake.

"Okay. We can leave as soon as you two are done...I'm just going to go say goodbye to my boyfriend!" She chirped, waving as she ran over to Laxus, who was with the Thunder Legion. 

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