When the Rain Comes Down

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A/N: YO DUDES! I'M BACK! OOPS-Sorry for yelling. Lol, hope I didn't scare you (like anyone's afraid of me). Sorry I haven't updated in a while...I had some friendship and drama problems...yeesh, I know. Now on a less depressing note, I have a few shout-outs to make for certain people!


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Update-Yes, I did unpublish this chapter. Someone suggested that I rewrite it because it wasn't as good as it could be. So, I decided to fix it.


Lucy skipped down the cobblestone street, Laxus, and Happy tagging along behind her. She had wanted to go bring Sting some homemade cookies because she felt guilty about him losing his battle against Laxus and Natsu. She knew he'd be in a lot of trouble...Lucy bit her lip, a troubled expression imprinted on her face. Laxus and Happy shared a look. 

She suddenly picked up her pace, and Happy and Laxus watched her back disappear into the distance. Laxus sighed. He didn't want her to visit Sabertooth. He, for one, didn't want her seeing Sting, and he also knew what kind of man Jiemma was. Laxus was almost positive Sting and Rogue would get a beating, or a lecture if they were lucky. But...he knew Lucy would do something stupid if she stumbled into a scene like that. But, nevertheless, Laxus had reluctantly allowed her to visit him. He knew there was no way he was convincing Lucy. Kind-hearted, stubborn, gentle Lucy, into not checking up on one of her close friends. 

Lucy sprinted up to Sabertooth's hotel, admiring the ivy and honeysuckle covered stone walls. She breathed in deeply, and quietly headed in. As soon as she walked in, she got a vile feeling in her stomach. She pushed onward, more determined to make sure everything was okay. She finally made it to the main area, and deftly hid behind a pillar when she saw the scene taking place. She quietly turned into her shadow form, not wanting to be spotted by the fuming Jiemma.

"Well, Sting, Rogue, what should I do with you?"

"...." Sting and Rogue were silent, their bodies were battered and wrapped in bandages. Their prides were broken, and they both sat there quietly. Sting stared at the floor. He couldn't believe he lost...He had wanted to win, so badly! Not only for Sabertooth...but for Lucy. He genuinely cared about her and didn't want her to be stuck in Fairy Tail after what they did to her. He knew she apparently 'forgave' them...but he knew better. He saw up close, how her expression turned into a frown whenever Natsu or any of the people who hurt her, names were mentioned. He begrudgingly admitted that she did, in fact, have great acting skills. She could force herself to forgive and forget, to move on...but scars don't just heal. They never fade...they're always there as a reminder. And Lucy had told him about how Natsu had confessed his love to her, even after everything he had done to her...she had for the first time in his life, looked upset, and in a lot of inner turmoil.

"No answer, huh?" Jiemma inquires sharply. Sting finally looked up from the ground. He glanced back at Lector. He just knew this was all going to turn out bad. 

"I thought you were TRUE dragon slayers? You used to love reminding us. Always telling us, you're the epitome of strength. Isn't that right? So imagine my surprise, when you shamelessly got your asses handed to you by two other dragon slayers. What do you have to say for yourselves?"

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