Her Mistake

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Lucy's P.O.V~

I dash towards the woman who had mocked me, my eyes narrowed into slits. All the protests of reason seemed to float carelessly out of my mind. My brain only had one thought, only one goal spinning and swirling through my usually chaotic mindscape. 

'Hurt her, make her pay!'  A voice whispered, its origin unknown. A part of me denied the voice and refused to let anger cloud my vision. But, the woman seemed to unknowingly make it worse. Her voice made my skin crawl, and her eyes reminded me of sharp opals, cutting into everything she looked at like a knife.

"Star dress, Celestial Spirit King!" I snarled, flashing a bright sunshine yellow, before transforming into my Celestial Spirit King Armor. I relished in the panicked look that flashed across her face. Her smirk withered, falling like a mighty oak being overtaken by an ax. She attempted to hide her fearful eyes, her long oval jaw clenching. I watched as the brunette began to use magic. A laugh bubbled in my chest, and nearly broke past my lips when I noticed what type of magic she had. 

She had some sort of requip magic, and I muffled my giggles at the revealing outfit the girl stood in

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She had some sort of requip magic, and I muffled my giggles at the revealing outfit the girl stood in. She wore a small, skimpy yellow bikini top, its buttery color making her tan skin almost appear pasty or yellowed. She had an extremely short mini skirt, with high stockings and large stiletto heels, colored in a bright bubble-gum pink. How on earth did one fight in heels that high? A long-sword was strapped to her back, looking not at all threatening. Its case was a fuschia pink, its edges crawling with dashes of glitter. Really, glitter? What was this, kindergarten?

I launch myself at the object of my anger. I brought my enormous silvery sword down towards her in a slash and clutched the star engraved handle when my sword cut clean through her pathetic katana. Her eyes seemed to panic, even more, their opal color looking more of a murky violet now. She fumbled for words, tossing her inoperative sword aside, before requipping an obviously stronger, thicker sword colored sky blue with a hot pink handle. 

"I don't know what Laxus could ever see in a brute like you!" The woman snipped, emphasizing at my armor. How dumb could she be? A male wizard would definitely prefer an able-bodied, strong woman, wouldn't they? People like her, who complained about others strength but lacked strength themselves, well, they were jokes. I know putting people down is wrong, but that doesn't stop me from hating this woman. 

I narrow my eyes at her, my golden hair shifting slightly into my eyes.

"Tell me how to release Laxus from that spell!"

The woman slowly met my gaze, a mixture of fear and amusement written on her makeup slathered face.

"My name is Sydney," She replied, tugging her tan fingers through her long caramel colored hair. She smirked haughtily. I internally roll my eyes. Of course, her name is something like Sydney. A pretty, superficial name you'd see given to a popular girl. (Sorry to anyone named Sydney...hehe...my friend's name is Sydney, but hey gurl, I just had to. I'M SOWWY)

"I wasn't asking for your dumb, fucking name!" I shouted, my temper tittering on the edge of exploding. I was so tired of it all. All I wanted was for Laxus to come back, to not feel utterly lost and alone. I hate how he makes me feel too...like without him, there's no point to life. I have such great friends, and I just don't get why losing one makes me want to die myself. But...I suppose he was way more than a friend.

"Oh, Lucy, there is no antidote to that potion," Sydney nearly purred, her arms crossed as she attempted to seem smug and in control. 

"What?!" I nearly demand, my fists curling and uncurling angrily. N-No antidote? I-There had to be one, right?! I read so myself! But...it had said that the poison was very vague and everything was based on guesses and half-ass knowledge. 

The anger grasped me, it's preying claws dragging me deeper in as I lost control. I sprinted towards her, channeling my magic into my sword. She hurriedly moved to block, her movements delayed. My weapon clanged against hers, before slicing through it again as my magic aided me. But, I didn't stop there, and my sword slashed onto Sydney's stomach. I didn't know where the feeling came from, but somewhere inside of me, I was in full-out glee watching Sydney collapse, clutching her wound, that was pulsing with blood.

Even though she was breathing tiredly, and looked as if death was minutes away, I waltzed over to her and lowered my blade to her neck threateningly. Her eyes flashed with alarm, and she struggled to rise to her feet. I pressed the weapon closer to her and watched as a small droplet of blood slid down her neck and pooled on her breasts.

"L-Let me go, bitch!" She shrieked, and I burst out laughing. What kind of person spoke to a person who could literally kill them in a split-second? She truly was foolish. 

"I'll give you one more chance...tell me how to save Laxus," I said coldly, my eyes in an icy glare. She frostily scowled but flinched when I pressed the blade closer. 

"Y-You need to get inside his mind!" She hastily spoke, and I took a step backward to allow her to have room to breath.

"What do you mean?" I ask curiously, my eyes imploring her to continue. I had been desperate for this information for months. Sting was taking me to Sabertooth in a little longer than a month, and if I was saving Laxus, I had to do it soon. 

"H-He..." She swallowed, taking deep breaths. I thought about healing her but decided against it for now. Let her feel the pain I had been feeling for months.

"He's trapped in his own mind...like a prisoner...t-the person you were talking to before was a new personality the potion created. He has all the same memories as the old Laxus, except his feelings are about three times as powerful as the old ones...which makes his love for you basically obsessive!"

"But, I haven't seen Laxus for months!" I protested, not quite believing Laxus could be borderline obsessive. Or, for lack of better term, a yandere. I hadn't even seen him since that night!

"Oh...than you should be cautious. I-I know that potion...he wouldn't give up so easily. He'll be back," Sydney says, choking up more blood.

A moment of silence follows, and I feel the itch to ask the one question that had been swirling through my head for a while.

"Why did you do it...?" I ask quietly. She sighs, her seemingly bitchy attitude drained. She was exhausted and didn't have the energy to fight or even be snarky or rude.

"I thought...He broke my heart, y'know...I thought I'd make him understand how it feels to be hurt by the one you love...He has to watch from inside his mind as his new personality destroys everything around him."

I didn't respond and nearly broke into tears on the spot. That was cruel, and I knew Laxus, wherever he was, was probably in a lot of emotional pain.

I crawled over to her, and slowly chanted my healing spell. Once the pink and blue color vanished, and I helped Sydney to her feet, I transformed back into my teal T-shirt and jean shorts. I watched her limp away and felt all the anger drain away. I wouldn't kill her...I had better things to do than worry about her. I had to go research on how to enter another person's mind. And hope that I wouldn't need Sydney's warning and that Laxus wasn't lurking behind a corner, just watching...and waiting.

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