The Devil Within

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A/N: Hellooo guys! I am super ecstatic right now! The live stream is in a half hour, and I am so happy! I don't know why, but I guess this means a lot to me. I usually don't do all that much on the weekends, so this is super fun! 

Also, I got snowed in....bummer I know! It's fucking April, and it's STILL snowing around here for me! Back to the topic, thanks to all of you planning to tune in to the live stream! It means a lot to me! 


Italics -memory, or the past


Lucy quietly unlocked Laxus's chipped black door, its hinges squeaking slightly. She glanced up at Natsu, who had quieted down. She hesitantly stepped into the chilled house, unable to hide her unease.

She padded across the floor silently, a ghostly sensation settling upon her. She shivered. She didn't like, nor trust this feeling. She wasn't used to feeling scared anymore. Whoever said that being powerful made you brave was definitley wrong. At the moment, she was actually terrified. 

She requipped her katana, anxiety chilling her to the core.

She cautiously opened Laxus's bedroom door. Suddenly, as if a raging storm hit, lightning cracked, throwing her against the wall. She crashed to the floor, regretting even coming in. 

"Lucy!" Natsu screamed worriedly. 

A pair of sleek, uptilted navy eyes narrowed in the rose-haired male's direction.


"Are you sure this spell will work?" The lavender eyed woman asked skeptically, eyeing the mocha-skinned man.

He rolled his eyes, tugging a bottle off a shelf. It was milky, and a dark red in color. It swirled in its vial as the man spun it in his palm.

"The spell makes the victim's emotions enhance exponentially."

The woman rose an eyebrow, before flipping a few stray toffee locks over her slender shoulder haughtily. 

"What good will that do?" She asked briskly, her sharp eyes questioning.

"Well, emotions are in a sense, what controls us. Say this Laxus fellow feels irritation towards someone. That irritation would turn into full out blood-lust. And say he had someone he loathed. Someone, say even in a regular state of mind, he wished he could make disappear. That person would turn into a deep-rooted hatred, that, in his distressed mind, needs to be eliminated."

A smirk slipped onto the woman's diamond-shaped face.

"How about love? How would the potion affect that?" She asked, tapping her pastel pink painted nails against the cherry wood counter.

The man grimaced.

" is a powerful emotion. The most powerful most would argue. So as expected, the potion alters love dramatically. It usually depends on how much the victim loves a person. If it's a lover or someone the victim especially adores...that love and affection can turn...dark and quite deadly..."

The woman's eyes sparkled as if that was exactly what she had wanted to hear. She laid her chin in her palm, in an attempt to appear nonchalant.

"So...if the victim was deeply in love with someone...what would exactly happen?..." She pressed, her cold calculating opal eyes staring at him. He shuffled uncomfortably, tugging at his cream white button-up shirt.

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