Friends By Chance

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A/N: Hello my lovely strawberry cakes! The end pairing of this story is going to be Lalu! Yay, confetti! But, I know there is going to be readers who are all like "OMG NOOOOO NALU IS LIFE, SCREW LALU! HOW DARE YOU FOR RUINING THE SHIP!" and all I have to say to that is "1. Chill the f*** down and 2. I actually wrote a Nalu story just to make up for this, and I think it's pretty good. But what do I know? So if you're going to throw a toddler fit over the pairing that WON the voting contest, then just go read that one, or some other chumps Nalu fanfiction. I mean, there are like millions. So yeah, that's all. Lol, what a mouthful. But, I'll also throw in some moments with all the ships, like Nalu moments, Stilu or Sticy, even some Jelu. I'm not heartless *le gasp* Thanks for listening! You guys really are amazing!

"Natsu! Happy! Wait up!" Lucy yelled chasing after the two. Laxus was following behind them, his arms crossed. 

"Tch...blondie stop running. We're not their babysitters." They were all exploring Crocus, as the Grand magic games didn't start in a while. Plus, the only rule was to be back by midnight. What a strange rule...

"I know Laxus, but I don't want those two idiots getting lost," Lucy responds crossly. She runs off, with Laxus following behind her in a slow walk. Finally, she hears a commotion. 

'Duh, of course, Natsu caused some sort of scene.' Lucy chuckled at the thought. When Lucy got closer to the ruckus, she noticed something that made her sigh. Stupid Stingy bee... Natsu was crawling through the hoards of people, trying to reach the Sabertooth mages. There were bodies scattered around as well. Lucy tried to cut through the crowd but found it nearly impossible.

"You!" Sting growled out when Natsu stumbled through the crowd. Sting hated Natsu more than ever. I mean, he already hated him before, but after hearing of how he treated Lucy, he despised the fire dragon slayer. 

"Natsu Dragneel..." Rogue spat, just as disgusted. Of course, Sting told him all about how Natsu treated Lucy.

Natsu blinked in surprise. 

'Oh no,' Lucy knew some deep shit was about to go down.

'Well, desperate times call for desperate measures'  Lucy took a deep breath.

"Everyone get the heck outta' my way, or I swear to god I'll kill you all!" Lucy screamed. Everyone froze, even Natsu, Sting, and Rogue. The people in the crowd stood there for a moment, sizing her up, before scrambling out of the way. After all, she was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, combat boots, a white shirt, and black leather jacket. She looked like someone who could kick your ass, and would.

"Luce!" Natsu exclaimed. Lucy sighed and started walking towards him.

"Natsu, don't run off without Laxus and me! Gosh, we could've lost you!" Lucy grabs his hand, but he pulls away roughly. Sting's eyes narrow.

"Who the hell are you guys?" He asked, pointedly ignoring Lucy. Lucy groans in annoyance.

"They're Sting and Rogue, Sabertooth's dragon slayers... they're super strong n' stuff," Lucy said in a bored tone. 

"We're also Lucy's best friends," Sting taunted, wrapping an arm around Lucy's shoulders. Natsu growls. 

"You know these bastards, Lucy?!" Lucy smiles and nods her head. 

"Yeah...I've been friends with them for like two or three years. I made a lot of friends while you guys were on Tenrou." Lucy grins, pulling away from Sting, to squeeze his cheeks.

"What did I tell you about starting fights?" She asked with a laugh.

"Stop that Blondie!" He pouts, smacking her hand away. Lucy laughs and then spots Laxus running over.

"What the hell is going on here? And why is this guy in the crop top using my nickname for you?" Laxus growls. 

"Your nickname? This is my nickname for Lucy." Lucy chuckles nervously when Laxus starts sparking with electricity. 

'Oh, shichcabob' She grabs Happy and waves at the dragon slayers.

"Well, it was fun seeing you guys, but I don't want Erza to kill me....or Laxus to kill we're leaving. Natsu, you better hurry back!" With that Lucy drags off Laxus and Happy.

"I don't like him," Laxus snaps, referring to Sting. Happy giggles.

"Why not, you two basically have the same sense of style. I mean, come on!" Laxus glares daggers at the blue feline.

"I'm not anything like the asshole!" Lucy shakes her head, holding in her laughter. His wardrobe was like Stings!

"If you say soooo..." Happy sings, avoiding the lightning that was shot at him. 

"Well, let's head back, we have a big day tomorrow! Plus, it's almost midnight, we don't want Erza to kill us!" Happy nods, his mind filled with images of Erza kicking over two mountains in anger.

"Aye sir!" He sprouts his stunning angel-like wings and picks her up.

"Bye Laxus!" Lucy yells, cheerfully waving. Laxus smiles the tiniest bit, but it flips into a scowl when he hear's Happy's farewell.

"Bye Lightning crotch!" Laxus snarls.

"Don't copy that flame bastard!"

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