Cracking Ice

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"I have decided." A man hurried across the room, his dark slicked back hair flopping on his graying head. He scrambled to his boss, the intimidating man with the long, jagged scar torn down from the corner of his right eye to the bottom of the left side of his parted mouth.

His eyes were a merciless gray, soulless and unyielding. They hid a storm. His hair was a tangle of blonde hair, as bleached as a sandy beach.

"Master! What are you talking about?" The dark-haired male questioned fearfully.

The blonde man's lips quirked, almost pulling into a cold sneer.

"Her. I want her, Ritsu."

Ritsu eyed him carefully, his lips pursed. He wasn't aware of what his boss was yammering about.

He nearly flinched when his master flicked the pocket knife he had hidden in his pocket across the room. Not even shifting in his black leather chair, his boss managed to lodge the knife hilt-deep into a photograph pinned to the oak wall.

Squinting at the picture, he finally realized what his master was talking about. In the picture, there was a girl. She had thigh long golden blonde hair, so luminescent and bright the sun seemed to be green with envy. Her eyes seemed to be a nice amber brown, with what seemed to be blue tints, or specks peppering her iris. She had a nice figure, her body filled out and curvaceous for a girl her age.

But, he knew his boss didn't want this girl because of her looks. His master was the leader of the Crimson Flag, one of the most notorious dark guilds. He could easily tell from the scar running down through her right eye that she was a wizard. It was a shame that her face was marked, but it seemed to give her a certain appeal.

The picture was obscure, obviously snapped in a split second. She had her hand around another female, one with short, messy blue hair tied back by a sunshine yellow headband. The azure-haired girl was mostly chopped out of the picture, only her right side showing.

"That girl is powerful, Ritsu. She is an amazing asset, one I'd like to utilize. She could power the Erena Gulidara with that magic power. I've already planted numerous spies in that pathetic light guild she's in."

Ritsu tilted his head, his thinning black hair gleaming like a pool of oil.

"Who is she exactly, Master Kuriso...?" He asked his boss.

The blonde haired man smirked, his lips twitching. He leaped to his feet, nimbly walking towards his large lacrima screen. After typing a few things in, dozens of images popped up.

Pictures of the same blonde girl, one with her completely engulfed in a mass of cerulean waves, a whole ocean surrounding her. One of her wielding a katana that turned water blood red and sliced a man up with a single tap.

Another photograph revealed the girl adorning majestic, and deadly armor, one that was a cross between a graceful angel, and a terrorizing demon.

As dozens and dozens of pictures showing multiple uses of her power, of her types of magic, he admitted he was impressed. Maybe she could power their ultimate weapon.

"Her name is Lucy Heartfilia. She's a member of Fairy Tail. So far, my spies have gathered some intelligence on who she's close to and what her weaknesses are."

Ritsu stared, urging his boss to continue.

"They've reported she is close friends with almost everyone. But, is especially fond of the following individuals; Laxus Dreyar, Wendy Marvel, Jellal Fernandez, Sting Eucliffe, Natsu Dragneel, Levy McGarden and....a blue cat called Happy?"

Ritsu stared at Kuriso, a devious smile starting to break past the minion's facade. So many possible blackmail targets. So many people they could use against her if they so much desired to.

As if sensing his thoughts, his boss grinned. "I know you're thinking what I'm thinking. We have a lot of possible targets to bend her to our will. And even if we can't get to one of them, we have countless other people she still cares about. Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, Juvia Lockser, Rogue Cheney, Mirajane Strauss, Gajeel Redfox, Lisanna Strauss, Cana Alberona...more cats...I'm getting excited at all the opportunities."

Ritsu then had a thought strike him.

"Hey...isn't Sting Eucliffe the stupid master of Sabertooth?"

The scarred male shrugged as if it didn't matter.

"So what? We just won't use him as bait. Not like he can do much anyway. Sabertooth's a group of fools."

Ritsu nodded at his master. He then moved to his feet, watching as his master gleefully pulled up live footage of the supposed strongest guild in Fiore, otherwise known as Fairy Tail.

From their spies point of view, Lucy could be seen sipping away at a vanilla milkshake, a piece of strawberry cake next to her. A redhead was seated next to her, happily munching on her own slice of the delectable treat. Laxus was on her other side, munching on some chocolate chip cookies. It was an odd sight. Such a large, muscled man, eating such a sweet, sugary food.

"That's her..." She was happier then he expected, her smile bright, and positively breathtaking to look at. He wasn't sure if her smile was due to her large milkshake and delicious slice of cake, or because of the people she was near.

The blonde male next to her seemed content to just gaze at her, his eyes lovesick and oddly content. Happiness seemed to ooze from every pore in his body. Along with relief.

When a chair sudden flew towards the two females, slamming into the table and knocking their treats onto the floor, everything seemed to freeze.

He watched with surprise and slight admiration as the both the blonde and the crimson haired girl flipped. The redhead started punching the pinkette in the corner, dragging the raven-haired dude by his ear.

And Lucy, well, she summoned her katana and started slashing people like a maniac. She was mumbling about revenge for her cake and milkshake, and something about throwing them a proper funeral. She was a strange girl, indeed.

It was interesting to watch her fight in action, switching her magic easily. When his master disconnected the video, he glanced at his boss, the question clear in his gaze.

"You wish to know your assignment." His master noted.

He nodded his head, both anxious and excited for a new mission.

"You are to capture this girl by any means necessary. Get anyone you wish to help. Just make sure you bring her back. Alive."

He smiled, nodding his head.

"As you wish, master."

His master's face hardened, scaring Ritsu slightly. He seemed to finally look like his rumored self completely. His face unforgiving, heartless, and stoic.

"Do not fail me, Ritsu."

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