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The unknown little sister, Luna Heartfilia by Iliketowatchanime
The unknown little sister, Luna BrownEyedBambie
What happens when a certain Lightning Dragon Slayer brings a little girl to the Fairy Tail guild hall? The members stare, that what. Laxus, being the big imposing man h...
Dragon love  (laxus x reader)  by thelittlenovel
Dragon love (laxus x reader) by Anastasia jace
(Y/n) is a lava and death dragon slayer who was all ways treated differently for her 2 different coloured eyes. She finally joins her uncle in fairy tail and meets a sp...
Laxus' little cat by Chocochibi
Laxus' little catby choco_late~
so every dragon slayer has a cat... except... laxus... now he finds one, not really cat... but something like one. Author-chan will only update when requested and with...
Phoenix by snuttlebug
Phoenixby snuttlebug
Slight!Laxus x OC Eventual! Sting x OC A girl with memory loss has been traveling with Laxus Dreyar for two years, living in a small house in the woods by Hargeon. When...
Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader Fanfic by kimmiecat11
Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x ☯ ᴋ ɪ ᴍ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ ☯
❝He and I, we were black and white. So different, yet so similar. Where he was blunt, I was kind. Where I was obedient, he was a rebel. So, when he left me, it truly did...
Fairy Tail: The Mysterious Girl by maki4411
Fairy Tail: The Mysterious Girlby maki4411
Laxus x reader I love laxus so I decided to write this I don't own fairy tail
A mermaid in Fairy Tail by Iliketowatchanime
A mermaid in Fairy Tailby BrownEyedBambie
Our two favorite blond Fairy Tail mages have a shared past, a common friend of the sea, them having both been saved by this individual whom left them a gift each to reme...
Marissa Quartz: Queen Of Ice [Oc Backstory/ Laxus X OC] by Riku0416
Marissa Quartz: Queen Of Ice [Oc 🌸
Yo! This is my Oc, Marissa's backstory. This will include the blooming relationship between her and the moody grandson of Makarov; Laxus. Thank you all for reading- I k...
Mates!?! (Laxus X Reader) by BasicallyH20Cat0718
Mates!?! (Laxus X Reader)by Kizzy Puff
(Y/N) was very young when she joined the Fairy Tail guild. Makarov loved her as much as he loved Laxus. She grew up to be a very powerful wizard wielding a water type ma...
Fairy Tail: Laxus' Little Sister by serendipeachy
Fairy Tail: Laxus' Little Sisterby M
This story follows the anime and some from the manga (*¯︶¯*)
A Fairy's Tail {Y/N X Various} by Kitoninja
A Fairy's Tail {Y/N X Various}by Mira
"Do fairies have tails, or don't they? It's and enteral mystery. And therefore an external adventure." -Hades/ Precht Y/n is a Dragon Slay...
Hero (Laxus x Reader) by fairyxtails
Hero (Laxus x Reader)by ♡
{Completed} Laxus has always been your first love, he is the one that saved you after all. You've been dating for 8 years but your relationship has been on the rocks and...
The Strongest Fairy by Saisage101
The Strongest Fairyby Biggie CHEESE
Rin has been missing from the Fairy Tail guild for 3 years because she was on a mission. What will the new recruits think when she comes back? Rin is adored by the memb...
Borealis || Fairytail (Currently Editing, but Completed) by gracenspace
Borealis || Fairytail (Currently grace
Corona Borealis. A celestial spirit that has the ability to travel between worlds without draining her master's magic energy. She is quite the strong ally to have on you...
First love lalu  by QueenBee7463
First love lalu by QueenBee7463
Lucy Justin is the first in command/general of the magic councils army. What happens when she wants to join a guild? What happens when she falls for the guild masters gr...
Fairy tail one shots {Closed!} by otakutwilightgirl
Fairy tail one shots {Closed!}by Timeless Soul
Just a book full of your favorite ships❤ (as in ships, I mean it's mostly character x reader) *I'm no longer taking any requests!
Left behind. by Jade1370
Left Raven_Ysabella_Jade
Most of the guild left for Tenrou island. There was only 7 people remaining,Lucy was left in charge all member grew in power as the years passed. Who was brought to the...
A Dragon's Instinct (Fraxus) by CelestialSpiritLeo
A Dragon's Instinct (Fraxus)by CelestialSpiritLeo
When Freed falls ill with a mysterious illness, it stirs strange feelings within Laxus. When a dragon's instinct takes over, what disaster could possible befall Fairy Ta...
||Goddess Of The Light|| by Maureen_78
||Goddess Of The Light||by ||Maureen||
(Y/n) (L/n) had been missing over 2 years after she went on a mission with Natsu. Everyone in the guild went to go to look for her. what happens if she's now found? (Na...
𝐋𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐋𝐘 𝐇𝐔𝐑𝐓𝐒・fairy tail  by cloudyblue123
𝐋𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐋𝐘 𝐇𝐔𝐑𝐓𝐒・fairy tail by —𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐎𝐘¡
TAKE ME BACK. TO A SIMPLER TIME. | | ーLISSANA WAS THE GUILDS TREASURE. and when they learned that she wasn't dead, they were ecstatic. the long lost strauss had return...