Killing Moon

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▶┆Chapter eighty-nine [89]

❝I can't love you, I'm too scared to.❞


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SHE SOARED ACROSS THE ROOM from the force of the blow. Everything hurt―pain seemed to linger like a bitter reminder. Webs of agony spread throughout her chest, making her head ache and her ears ring sharply. Her newly sapphire-hued orbs trailed up to stare at the master―and even she didn't know if her gaze was filled with deadly rebellion or silent submission. 

Her dainty hand gingerly moved to wipe away the crimson blood that trailed down her chin. It smeared across the back of her hand, and the scent of metallic pennies lingered. She clutched her arm against her side, battling against the grimace that threatened to overtake her features. 

What was she to do? His eyes glowered back at her, merciless and cold. Like a daunting storm rolling in; as gray and turbulent as a hurricane. 

"Lucy, Lucy, Lucy," The master chided mockingly. She fruitlessly searched for the strength to glare back, her swollen eye already narrowed into a slit. 

"Just because I need something from you, does not mean you can disrespect me. I am your superior―I am better! You'd be smart not to forget that. I could exterminate you so easily, it isn't even funny."

Lucy's lips stretched into a feral, repulsive sneer. She resembled a wolf tormented by feelings of aggression and blood-lust.

"Just keep talking―maybe soon you'll say something intelligent," She snapped dryly, her blood-stained teeth gleaming a brilliant vermillion when she bared her teeth in a half-grin, half-snarl.

The master's face clouded with rage. His chest puffed out, and his eyebrows threatened to stretch past his ruthless eyes. He clenched his jaw, abruptly waltzing towards her sprawled out form.

Lucy's mouth parted in a gasp of pain when he seized a handful of her supple blonde hair. He brutally hauled her into the air, and she suppressed the scream that begged to be discharged. He maintained her at eye level, his horrible, horrible eyes glaring daggers into her own radiant orbs.

Her hair ached― it burned like a raging inferno. For once in a very long time, she loathed her long hair. 

"Listen here. I do not like you. And you know what happens to people I don't like? They get eliminated," He barked in her face, spittle splattering on her bruised and battered form.

Lucy's face was disgruntled and scrunched up in suffering, but she somehow managed to find a scrap of power. 

"H-Ha..." She chuckled weakly, wheezing out what appeared to be a broken laugh. He rose an eyebrow, quick to violence.

"What?" He snapped angrily. "What's so funny, you insignificant brat?!" 

The blonde lifted her head, ignoring the way her head shrieked at her for doing so. 

"Y-you won't. Y-ou can't," Lucy choked out, another trail of blood dribbling down the side of her jaw.

"Oh?" He inquired, a dark gleam settling in his gaze. There was something else though. There was...fear? Fear, that maybe Lucy possessed more will than he'd be able to break. Perhaps she was already aware of just how much he needed her; of how much he required her to crush Fairy Tail. 

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