Friend or Foe?

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~ 5 months later, No Ones POV~

"Open! Gate of the wolf! Chance!" Lucy chanted, requipping the shiny silver key. 

"Woof!" A midnight black colored wolf barked, his violet eyes shining with intelligence.

"May I turn into my human form, Lucy-sama?" A voice said in her mind. She smiled. Of course, he'd ask permission.

An intense light flashed, and in place of the wolf, stood a young man. He was about twenty, with deep onyx hair, and deep periwinkle pools for eyes. He glanced around with nonchalance, but when his eyes landed on Lucy, he considerably brightened.

"Hello, Lucy-sama, what do you need?" He asked, politely.

"We have another mission! This one is to stop a group of bandits terrorizing a village. Don't look at me like that. I know it's a really simple, basic mission, but someone needed to do it!" Lucy brushed her hair off her shoulder. It curled down to right above her butt. 

"Lucy-sama, I understand. Is anyone accompanying us on this mission?"

"No, that's kind of why I called you out. Can you please go tell Jellal, I'm going solo for this one?" 

"Of course," He nodded. His body shifted again, but instead of a brilliant light, a dark shadow settled. His body morphed into shadow and he zoomed off towards Fairytail.

Lucy watched him disappear from her sight. A lot had happened. She had learned the basics of requip, just enough so she could requip her keys and items at a decent speed. She had gained a few more keys as well. Lucy sat herself down on the bench, setting her luggage next to her. She was waiting for her train to arrive.

"I can't believe so much has seems like only yesterday..." She whispered to herself. It had already been near a year. She was now close with Jellal and definitely understood what Erza saw in him. Fairy tail wasn't the strongest guild anymore. Their reputation dropped considerably, but they weren't the weakest. Lucy kept the guild going, even when it got so bad that other guilds were bullying them. 

Lucy sighed and stroked her scarf. It was a particularly hot day, so Lucy had decided to leave her jacket in her requip storage. It really was useful magic, which Lucy used to her full advantage. She always had some kiwi tucked away in her requip space for Pantherlily. He lived with her and Jellal because Gajeel was gone. So, she sported a pair of black vans, knee-length blue jean shorts, a teal tank top and Natsu's scaled scarf. Her hair was down and still had its blue streaks. 

"I'm back Lucy-sama, ready to leave?" Chance asked, telepathically. Lucy's eyes flickered to him and she smiled. 

"Yep. This mission is supposed to have another person from another guild. Probably Blue Pegasus or Lamia Scale." Lucy held the crumpled paper in front of her tanned face.

She stood up and mindlessly handed the lady her ticket. She sat down and immediately looked out the window. It was times like this when she let her thoughts wander that the pain came. She was always so busy, that she could sometimes forget everything. When she got home she'd pass out from lack of sleep, and Jellal would carry her to her bed. But, on days like this, she'd get lost in her thoughts, which was dangerous.

She'd go adrift in her memories and not be able to discern what's real and whats fiction. 

She arrived at the village, unaware of the blue eyes watching her.

She stared in sympathy at the boarded up windows, and the panicky villagers. She hurried to the mayors building, which was falling apart. The shingles on the roof were tittering, threatening to fall on an unsuspecting victim. The white paint was peeling and seemed sand-paper rough to the touch.

"Um...hello?" Lucy said meekly, knocking apprehensively on the old pine door. The wood of the door was warped, and not at all pretty.

"Come in..." A cautious voice called out.

Lucy tried to open the door quietly, but the door had other plans. It let out a loud, ear-puncturing squeak.

"Sorry..." She apologized profusely. 

"It's fine," He said, waving her off. He was a plump man, who appeared to be in his late thirties or early forties. His hair was black, or mostly black, and was cut short. Strips of gray could be seen streaking through it, and it was fraying. His eyes were a caramel color, and he was wearing a green button up and a pair of black slacks.

"Can you tell me more about the bandits I'm going to be defeating?" Lucy asked, settling herself down in a scruffy brown chair.

"Of course, but first we must wait for your partner to arrive," He said nodding at the door. Lucy sighed and requiped her sound pod. She turned her music up to full blast. The door creaked open, but Lucy ignored it, nodding her head to the music blaring in her ears.

"Ah, welcome!" The man croaked happily. Lucy's eyes finally darted to the stranger and she felt her lips form a scowl. Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. The twin dragonslayers of Sabertooth. She rolled her eyes and faced the old man again. They were the top dogs, Sabertooth, that is. Everyone in that guild was power-obsessed. They crushed others, without a single feeling of regret. Sting and Rogue were two of the strongest, and both devious in their own respected ways.

Lucy sent her sound pod back. She hated Sabertooth. They reminded her of how Natsu kicked her off the team. They would do that in an instant to one of their comrades. And unlike Natsu, they wouldn't feel guilty. That was just the way they lived their lives. The strong treated the weak like trash.

"Let's just get this over with," Sting barked, sitting down in the chair directly next to Lucy.

Lucy grumbled to herself, only half listening to the banal man explain the job. Bandits...blah blah...their hideout is in the woods...blah blah blah...some can use magic....blah blah.

"Why is she here?" Sting asked sharply, butting in. She glares at him from the corner of her eyes.

"S-She is your partner that I hired from Fairy Tail," The man stuttered out pathetically.

"Fairy tail huh? What a puny, weak guild, " He sneered. She grits her teeth.

"I mean, they're nothing compared to Sabertooth. I'm appalled you would hire this weakling," He continued, ticking Lucy off even more.

"All their members are pitiful, especially that blonde girl. What's she called...hell's angel? What a joke. As if a fairy could ever be as strong as they say she is." That's it. Lucy lost her composure.

"Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth?" Lucy quipped, her eyes narrowed dangerously. Sting's eyes flew to her and pressed into a frown

"What did you just say?" He asked angrily. 

"Nothing, nothing. Just that everything you're saying is bullshit. I mean, the "pitiful blonde girl" definitely is that strong. And if you wanna find out how strong, why don't you come ask. I'm standing right here."

"You're hell's angel?!" Sting asked, surprised.

"Yup!" Lucy said, popping the P. She hopped to her feet.

"She's the strongest member of Fairy tail," Rogue said, nodding his head in approval.

"Yeah...I guess I am. But that kind of stuff doesn't matter to us. We're a family and we fight as one!" Lucy beamed making Sting scowl.

"Whatever, Blondie." Lucy's smile faltered. Laxus always called her blondie...

And then she knew

that you could become homesick for people too.

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