The Unavoidable

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A/N: Natsu is winning. Don't worry, it's not final. I'll give you guys one more chance later. But, now I know which ships to focus on. Thanks for the help....even though you guys were spamming me. Love you guys~

 Lucy laughed when Natsu missed her again. She was expecting a lot more out of the explosive fire dragon slayer.

"Lightning Fire Dragon Mode!" He roars, his voice echoing off the slick cave walls.

"Oh, you're doing that move? Well then, I'll do mine," Lucy says, preparing to attack.

"Lightning Water Dragon Mode!" She yells, her water started sparking with Laxus's killer lightning. She had gotten the ability to use this mode the same way Natsu had. Her attack collided with Natsu's, extinguishing his flames. It was still strong enough to go past the fire. When the water collided with Natsu, he flew back 20 yards before slamming into the ground. He twitched a few times, the water mixed with lightning made a deadly combo.

"Natsu!"Lisanna shrieks, before settling her eyes on Lucy with an intense glare. 

"You'll pay!" She screams, slashing her claws across Lucy's chest.

"N-No. Stop! Natsu chokes out, getting to his feet. But he was too late, and Lisanna's claws ripped Lucy's poor shirt into measily shreds. All that was left was her black bra. Lucy cried out in shock, furious at herself for moving too slow. Lucy's eyes clouded over, and Happy shook his head in pity for the takeover mage. When Lucy got this angry, she was scarier than Erza and Mira combined!

"What did you do to my shirt?" Lucy snarls out coldly, stunning the rage induced white-haired girl. She always thought Lucy was kind of pathetic...How could someone once really weak, be this strong in only one year? Not to mention this scary... 

"Answer me!" Lucy growls, her aura intense and dark. And I mean, really DARK. Lisanna shivered in fear, not trusting her voice. Lucy mumbled angrily to herself.

"Come on Happy, let's finish this," She hissed out, unsheathing her katana, Bloody Rain.

Natsu got in a defensive stance in front of Lisanna. Lucy commanded the water to her. It flowed behind her, gurgling and swirling violently. 

"Bloody Rain," She murmured darkly. internally smirking at Lisanna's petrified expression. The crystal blue water recolored into a deep crimson color. The color of blood to be exact. She ran forth, straight towards Natsu. She swung her katana at him, with incredible speed and strength. He hurriedly ducked and tried to grab the blade out of her hands. He hissed in pain when his hands were severely cut.

"Oh, that's the thing about Bloody Rain. If she even so much as touches you, you'll bleed."

Natsu gritted his teeth, his eyes darting between Lucy and Lisanna. Scorpio and Virgo had already returned to the spirit world to recover. They had been defeated, but it had taken basically all of Lisanna's magic, and a little of Natsu's.

"I'm not giving up!" He announced, startling Lucy. A ghost of a smile graces her lips.

"You haven't changed at all," She said smiling. Sh charges him again, her sword raised, glinting threateningly. 

She slashed his stomach, making him cough up vermillion blood. He tumbles to the ground, clutching his injured stomach. He eyes were trained on Lucy. He couldn't give up!

"I-I can't give up! L-Lucy, I care a lot about you, but I have to win!" Natsu declared.

Lucy hesitated, noticing how genuine his words seemed. She looked at Happy, who shook his head frantically. Happy knew what she was planning on doing...and he didn't agree with her.

"Natsu...I give up. I care a lot about you too, and you deserve to win," Lucy says, pulling Natsu to his feet, allowing him to lean on her for support.

"No! You can't just surrender! I have to do this..." He yelled wobbling on his feet. Lucy steadied him.

"You dunce...I'm basically S-class already. I have beaten Laxus in some of our spars. I believe in you, and I always have! You got this in the bag!" Lucy says proudly, ignoring a heated glare from a certain exceed. Lisanna leaned against the cave wall and contemplated her feelings about Lucy. Lucy was so nice to let them win, but Lisanna couldn't help but resent the pretty blond. Maybe it was because Natsu so obviously cared for her. A lot. And so did Laxus. The girl had two hot guys wrapped around her pinky finger.

"Why Lucy?" Happy moaned, landing on Lucy's shoulder. She resheathed her blade and smiled softly.

"Natsu deserves this. Plus, we can wait another year, right?" Happy smiled too. She was too kind for her own good.

"Hey Natsu, I can heal you with a new celestial spell I learned!" Lucy says suddenly. 

She leans closer to him making him blush faintly. A soft pinkish blue glow flowed from her hands, soothing the stinging cuts he got from her katana. Soon enough, he felt fully energized.

"Thanks, Luce..." Natsu whispers, tears pricking his eyes. Why was she so sweet to him? Even after what happened, she treated him so gently. Then he noticed her shivering. He immediately took off his scarf and wrapped it around her pale neck. She flushed pink and nuzzled into the soft fabric. She was taken off guard and was insanely surprised.

'This is his most prized possession, and he put it around me without a second thought!' Lucy thought to herself. 

Lisanna was furious and had made up her mind. Lucy was her enemy. 

"Thanks..." Lucy says softly, making Natsu smile.

"No problem! Now let's go!" He exclaims, dragging Lucy out of the now open exit. 

'Why does this seem so familiar?' She asks herself.

'Oh yeah...'

She remembered that day. The amazing day that she met Natsu and Happy and Natsu brought her to Fairy Tail. She missed the good old days when the three of them would go on missions... But as Lucy looked at Natsu's lopsided grin, and Happy's cheesy smile, she realized she didn't need things to go back to how they once were. She was happy now, and wouldn't change the past for anything.

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