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Lucy Heartfilia was found by Master Makarov at the age of 12. Shy and Cute Lucy had three magic: Ice dragon Slayer magic, Celestial Spirit Magic and Celestial God Slaye...
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<Not> Insane Souls [Nalu] by A-Small-Potato
Insane Souls [Nalu]by Child Of Lost
Being in an mental hospital. obviously not very fun. especially when you're sane. Well at least you think you are, and others think you are to. When you're not insane...
  • natsuxlucy
  • insane
  • fairytail
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Laxus x OC by MonicaCorona7
Laxus x OCby Monica Corona
It's about a teenage girl who's named Luxy. she is the first generation of a Lighting dragon slayer. She was walking around until she came across Fiore. She walked into...
  • fairytail
  • laxus
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Cursed (Zeref X Reader) by mango_gymnast
Cursed (Zeref X Reader)by ❀
(Y/N) has always tried to lock away her past, rejecting her old magic which was forced upon her by one of the darkest figures in history. Then she meets Zeref, cursed by...
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Waiting for my mate by Veikari
Waiting for my mateby Veikari
Fraxus here! And of course it is time of the dragon mating season! Laxus is waiting Freed to return from a mission, but then things happen... And then even more things h...
  • festival
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Daddy's Little Lucy by MysticalLover02
Daddy's Little Lucyby MysticalLover02
Mysterious men attacked Lucy and turned her into a child! Why were the mysterious men after Lucy? Will Natsu handle being a dad? Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail
  • fairytail
  • littlelucy
  • nalu
Nashi heartfilia the child who has no father [COMPLETED] by CrazyBitches04
Nashi heartfilia the child who has...by GROUP ACCOUNT
Lucy left fairytail and there was a big search for her but no luck then over fifteen years later two girls come to faithful saying they have no father and there mother w...
  • fairytail
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My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AU by _thefairytailnalu_
My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AUby Tiffany
Famous actor, Natsu Dragneel, hosts auditions. But for what actually? He needs a fake wife to come with him on a family gathering. Meanwhile, Lucy Heartifila, a woman wi...
  • modernlifestyle
  • lucyheartfilia
  • natsudragneel
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Red Dragon by RWBY_Realm
Red Dragonby RWBY_Realm
Lucy is a student at Fairy Tail High School, where she learns magic and stuff. Natsu is a member (and sort of the leader) of the 'Red Dragon' Gang. What happens when Gre...
  • wendy
  • nalu
  • fairytail
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Hakuouki X Fairy Tail  (Crossover)  by xox_Arctic_fox
Hakuouki X Fairy Tail (Crossover) by xox_Arctic_fox
They had a simple task which was to clean the guild's Library but when one of them opens a book they don't recognized they get sucked in by a portal to a different dimen...
  • gray
  • mirajane
  • kazama
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Rescue Me by Chiwazii
Rescue Meby Chiwazii
Lucy is getting bullied at school but she always smiles even though she is dying inside. She has a son to take care of and nobody knows this or her past. Natsu is one of...
  • teenromance
  • highschool
  • heartbreak
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Together by kirariidol
Togetherby kirariidol
Lucy Heartfilia is a 16-year-old. Her mother had died early and her father's business collapsed. Finally having been able to join the most renown guild in Fiore, Fairy T...
  • lucy
  • laxus
  • sabertooth
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Fairy Tail Next Generation: Thrown Back by Blue_Stars_919
Fairy Tail Next Generation: Thrown...by Paige Stars
After being thrown back in time, 17 year old Nashi Dragneel and her teammates witness the biggest fights and most memorable moments in Fairy Tail history including the T...
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Broken (Nalu Fan-Fic) by Tartoros_Demon_13
Broken (Nalu Fan-Fic)by Raira
Lissanna comes back from the 'dead'. Everyone is so excited they throw a huge party.... That lasts 6 months. During those 6 months almost the whole guild forgot about a...
  • broken
  • nalu
  • lucy
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Galaxy Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail X Oc) by Tuski-Wolf
Galaxy Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail X...by Tuski-Wolf
A Girl lost her village and family by a dark guild but then she meet a dragon were he taught her magic.... Join the adventure where she faces challenges with the Fairy T...
  • galaxyadventure
  • anime
  • teamnatsu
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The Water Fairy (Fairy Tail x Reader) by Mizushima_Izumi
The Water Fairy (Fairy Tail x Read...by Izumi
[[ONGOING]] Juvia Lockser had a little sister, named (Y/n) Lockser. They got separated as children and now has gone separated ways, Juvia has joined Phantom Lord and (...
  • variousxreader
  • reverseharem
  • grayfullbuster
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Cloacked In Mystery (Sting Eucliffe X Reader) by Tirza_For_Fun
Cloacked In Mystery (Sting Eucliff...by Tirza
(Y/N) (L/N) a very mysterious girl. She is a Fairy Tail member, but not just a Fairy Tail member, no she's a triple S-Class wizard, a Shadow God Slayer. She always wear...
  • stingeucliffelovestory
  • sting
  • erzascarlet
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Fairy Tail: A Fairy's Wing Replaced With A Tiger Fang by MiyaToast
Fairy Tail: A Fairy's Wing Replace...by Miya
Highest Ranking: #12 in anime, #1 in lucy, #1 in lucyheartfilia "Weak" "Useless" "Trash" Those words were from the ones she had loved for a...
  • fighting
  • sabertooth
  • fairytailfanfiction
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Forgive And NEVER Forget by Onii-chan101
Forgive And NEVER Forgetby Meet Patel
Trust me, this is not a cliche. No Dragon Princess. Lisanna Strauss is back and now Natsu is all attached to her. Everything is great for Lucy, but the fact that her be...
  • fanfiction
  • nalu
  • fairytail
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Wendy Marvell x Male Dragon Slayer Reader  by Gladiator065
Wendy Marvell x Male Dragon Slayer...by Gladiator065
(Y/N) is Fairy Tail wizard. His 'uninterested in anything' personality and looks have gotten him to be popular in Sorcerer Weekly. His magic is Spectral Dragon Slayer ma...
  • dragonslayer
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