Brewing Destruction

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▶┆Chapter eighty-two [82]

❝You turned into everything you said you wouldn't be. ❞

▶┆Author's Note┆◀

Hello there my gorgeous lil strawberries! I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays if you celebrate something else, or just a good day if you don't celebrate anything! So, I just got a writing computer! I'm so happy! So, updates will be more frequent! YAY right? No more slow ass updates! Hopefully...well, enjoy! Love you guys!~ 


LILA GLARED at the Sabertooth sign. Kaden watched warily as Lila stalked towards the building. Lila was irritated. She was ready to just kidnap Lucy and call it a day. But, they hadn't caught her in time. She had fled Magnolia, rushing to Sabertooth.  

Lila didn't care anymore; she was past the point of caring. She could no longer feel any empathy towards the kind blonde, or any of her friends. If she wanted to survive, she had to stop worrying about other people. She couldn't be worrying about Lucy; who cared if she was hurt? That's exactly what Lila needed. A girl festooned with hurt, hate, and anger was the perfect prey. They could easily take her while she was emotionally weak. 

Kaden hated it all. Hated the way they destroyed that girl; how could they be so cruel? How could he be so cruel? He was utterly disgusted with everything—himself more than anything. How could he have allowed himself to commit such an act? And allow such a young girl like Lila to do it? Lila was turning cruel...Kaden could see it. He didn't want that life for her. It was exactly what the Crimson Flag wanted. They wanted all of them to become cold-blooded killers, with an unquenchable thirst for death and destruction. 

Lila was reaching to open the door when Kaden latched his fingers around her forearm. 

  "Lila...We should stop. We've already destroyed her life enough," He snapped out, his voice containing an underlying sense of urgency. 

Lila, although younger, managed to tug her arm away harshly, before turning her calculative gaze on the older male. 

"It's too late Kaden. Way too late.  Who cares about her? If we don't finish this, the master will have our heads...quite literally..." 

They were at an impasse. Neither truly wanted to die, but neither truly wanted to do what was asked of them. Lila's eyes softened, and she laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Don't's almost over. The hard part has passed. We can do this, and live another day...or we can refuse and be killed. And Lucy will be taken by some of our comrades with less sympathy," Lila said in a matter-of-fact sort of tone. It was the truculent truth, bitter to the core. 

Kaden was conflicted—he knew what she was saying was true. But...why did anyone have to be hurt...? It just wasn't fair.

'Life isn't fair...' He mused internally, a sour frown on his features. 

His hands were tied. Would Lucy be better off with them taking her? He wasn't so sure...she'd be assigned to their cell, and be a part of their team. 

"Kaden...Listen to me," Lila pleaded, her tone becoming borderline desperate and snappish.

He didn't respond. He flipped a stray snow-white bang away from his face and froze when Lila's hand latched onto him in a desperate attempt. He could feel her trying to invade his thoughts—his emotions.

He fought—of course, he wouldn't allow her in his mind. He could feel the grimy fingers probing; reaching for something in his brain. He pushed back, scrunching his nose in concentration as sweat broke out on his forehead. He was struggling, and she could see it. 

Kaden was panicking. How could he be losing in his own mind? Her influence was growing stronger; the wisps of her inner voice was floating through his brain. 

His control was slipping away; slipping through his fingers like water droplets cascading from one's hand to the ground. Lila smiled.

' will agree with me. You believe I am right. You will continue the mission.'  Lila spoke smoothly, her voice as soft as cream. Kaden tried—he swore he did. But...he wasn't strong enough. He slowly but surely fell into the false comfort of her voice; the sweet tone had lured him in.

His eyes glazed over for a moment; only a moment, but that moment changed everything. All thoughts of helping Lucy, of giving up his freedom and life for what's right, vanished. In the blink of an eye, Lila erased them all. She believed it was for the best.

Each intricate little thought, precious in its own right, was carefully snipped away. It was as if they hadn't even existed in the first place. 

When Lila was finally finished, she relinquished control. Kaden eventually blinked his eyes open, dazed and confused. What had happened? His eyes zeroed in on Lila. She was smoothing down her aqua colored locks, a grim frown on her face. Why was she so upset?

His eyes flicked over to the colossal building that loomed over them. Oh. They had made it to Sabertooth. His chest tightened, but he brushed it off. They had a job to do. 

"We must locate Lucy," He stated lowly, and she nodded with a satisfied smile. He had no clue as to why she was happy. 

But, before they could walk into Sabertooth, they heard a noise. Curious, Kaden followed the strange noise. Then he realized it was a strangled cry. He dashed towards the noise, with Lila hot on his heels. She was annoyed again. It seemed no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't erase Kaden's helpful nature. 

When they finally reached a dead end alley, they recognized the voice. It was a girl's scream. Lucy's scream. Lila's smile spread, and she urgently raced after the source.

Lucy was crying, tears pouring out of her eyes as she kept cursing—she was angry. She had lost everything. She had lost everyone...She had smashed down a brick wall, taking her rage out in a violent explosion of emotion. When Lila and Kaden saw her, neither felt any sympathy this time. Neither could regret it. One was hypnotized into it, and the other was just numb. 

When Lucy saw them, her face darkened, scrunching into a hateful expression. That was until she noticed that Fairy Tail's mark was gone from their skin.

"Lucy..." Lila began.

"Come with us, Lucy. We can help you get your revenge on Fairy Tail. Isn't that what you want?" Kaden barged in, his eyes gleaming. His voice was sharp, but he had said the tempting thing Lucy shouldn't hear. 

But deep inside, he wished he had fought harder to save her.

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