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A/N: Okay guys, I have a book recommendation! I've been obsessed with a NaLu, GraLu, and LoLu book called Frozen Flames! It's by YourHero213 Go check them out! Oh, and I put a little reference to Ouran High School Host Club in couldn't help myself. 

Lucy was deep in thought, stumbling her way over to her teammates. She had a nightmare the night before, and couldn't quite seem to shake off her unease. She settled herself next to Erza, who looked at her with worry.

"You okay?" She asked, placing her hand gently on the blonde's shoulder. Lucy faked a smile and nodded.

"Yeah...It's nothing," She assured, smiling at Erza. Erza nodded, not quite believing her. But she nonetheless turned to stare back at the stark empty arena.

"Okay, ladies and gentleman! Our event of today is called the Naval battle! Please select your competitor!"

"I'll go!" Lucy announced, shoving her way past the sputtering Natsu.

"That's not fair! How come whenever I wanna go, you go?" Natsu whined, his eyes drooped dramatically.

Gray snorted.

"Why are you complaining? I still haven't if anyone's going it should be me," Gray stated, but contradicted his sentence by not moving from his position.

Lucy grinned and stuck her tongue out. 

"I get to go, and that's final. Suck it," She grinned haughtily. She walked towards the center, finally snapping out of her weird state.

"From Fairy Tail Team A, we have the stunning Lucy Heartfilia!"

"From Blue Pegasus, we have the blonde bombshell Jenny Realight!"

"Coming from Mermaid Heel, we have Risley Law!"

"From Quatro Puppy we have Rocker!"

"Coming from Lamia Scale, we have the adorable Sherria Blendy!"

"From Fairy Tail Team B, we have Juvia Lockser!"

"And from Sabertooth, Minerva Orlando!"

A huge orb of water rose out of thin air, and both Lucy and Juvia smirked. Lucy felt pretty confident she could take on everyone. As she surveyed her opponents, she realized the only real threats were Minerva and Juvia. She knew she could handle Juvia, but what about Minerva? She knew virtually nothing about her magic or her abilities. 

"The participants must knock one another outside of the sphere, with points being awarded based on the order in which the players are eliminated. When only two participants remain in the ring, a special 5-minute timer will be set. Should one of the participants fall out of the sphere during this time, they will not receive second place, rather they will automatically come last."

Everyone got into their bathing suits, and Lucy decided to go with the same galaxy bikini, while Juvia wore her purple and white polka dotted one. All the guys in the audience howled.

"It's going to be a bikini battled folks!" Lucy sighed and groaned when she saw even Natsu and Gray staring appreciatively. Who knew Natsu wasn't as dense as he appeared. She didn't dare to glance at Laxus because she honestly could do without watching him ogle the perfect bodies of girls like Jenny.

What Lucy didn't know, was Laxus couldn't seem to peel his eyes off of her. Well, neither could Natsu.

All the contestants were submerged into the giant sphere of water, and Lucy sighed in content at the familiarity of the water. She briefly wondered if, she could just drink all the water. She was a dragon slayer. What would happen? She shook her head, tossing the random thoughts to the very back of her mind.

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